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Immoral, Indecent, and Scurrilous
By (author): Gerald Hannon
ISBN: 9781770866027
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 304
Price: $24.95
A memoir from a journalist, LGBTQ+ activist and unrepentant sex radical charged for writing indecent, immoral and scurrilous material in a groundbreaking case of freedom of expression.
A Passport to Reprieve
By (author): Sonia Caplan
ISBN: 9781989719169
Publisher: The Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 356
Price: $14.95
The memoir of a young Polish Jewish woman’s escape from the brutality of wartime Poland, right before the destruction of Jewish life in her hometown.
All for One
By (author): Shelley Moore
ISBN: 9781553798842
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pages: 200
Price: $29.00
All for One tells the story of how some teachers, a couple of school districts and many families, came together to change the Individual Education Plan (IEP) narrative and design a plan for learning that meets the needs of an individual student, with the goal of increasing the places where students can be meaningfully included.
Any Kind of Luck at All
By (author): Mary Fairhurst Breen
ISBN: 9781772602012
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 232
Price: $22.95

A bittersweet memoir of "radical acceptance," filled with scenes of courage and activism, from a life in the shadow of four generations of mental illness and addiction.

By (author): Nicola I. Campbell
ISBN: 9781553799351
Publisher: Portage & Main Press
Pages: 336
Price: $32.00
Captivating and deeply moving, this story basket of memories tells one Indigenous woman’s journey of overcoming adversity and colonial trauma to find strength through creative works and traditional perspectives of healing, transformation, and resurgence.
What's the Difference?
By (author): Amanda Yuill
ISBN: 9781551383484
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $28.95
Find the unique strengths and skills in every student, and integrate teaching autistic students into everyday learning.
Better Reading Now
By (author): Larry Swartz
ISBN: 9781551383491
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 128
Price: $28.95
A grab-bag of ready-to-use strategies and activities to inspire students and nurture lifelong readers.
Making Math Stick
By (author): David Costello
ISBN: 9781551383507
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $28.95
How to teach and foster classroom learning experiences that will assist students in retaining and applying math concepts in the long term.
Sometimes Reading is Hard
By (author): Robin Bright
ISBN: 9781551383514
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 160
Price: $28.95
Cultivate the skills students need to succeed and find the motivation that will make them want to read.
A Promise of Sweet Tea
By (author): Pinchas Blitt
ISBN: 9781989719152
Publisher: The Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 248
Price: $14.95
A memoir about a childhood in a small village in Eastern Europe and its destruction by the Nazis.
The Unconventional Nancy Ruth
By (author): Ramona Lumpkin
ISBN: 9781772601688
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 464
Price: $28.95

Born into privilege but expected to use her advantages for the good of others, Senator Nancy Ruth has led an uncommon, unconventional life. Like Nancy herself, this book is rich in surprises and contradictions about a remarkable woman who used her privilege to support social change and the battle to better women’s lives.

Restoring Democracy in an Age of Populists and Pestilence
By (author): Jonathan Manthorpe
ISBN: 9781770865822
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 320
Price: $24.95
A thoughtful account of how we can save democracies from the despots and populists who provide the easy answers to complicated situations, dumbing political discourse down to sandbox antics.
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