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Inconvenient Skin / nayêhtâwan wasakay
By (author): Shane L. Koyczan   Illustrated by: Joseph M. Sánchez, Jim Logan   By (artist): Kent Monkman   Photographs by: Nadya Kwandibens
ISBN: 9781926886657
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 80
Price: $19.95
This powerful and thought-provoking collection of poems will draw you in and make you reconsider Canada's colonial legacy.
The Tailor Project
By (author)s: Nicole Bryck, Paula Draper, Andrea Knight   Foreword by: Larry Enkin   Introduction by: Harold Troper
ISBN: 9781772601442
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 320
Price: $29.95
The story of the approximately 2,500 Jewish tailors and their families who immigrated to Canada between 1948 and 1949 with the help of the Garment Workers’ Scheme after surviving the Holocaust.
At Great Risk
ISBN: 9781989719107
Publisher: The Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 365
Price: $17.95
Holocaust survivors write about how they were rescued by those who refused to stand by during the war.
Escape from the Edge
By (author): Morris Schnitzer
ISBN: 9781989719114
Publisher: Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 192
Price: $14.95
A memoir of a German Jewish teenager who takes on three different identities and crosses countless borders to escape death at the hands of the Nazis during World War II.
Because They Were Women
By (author): Josée Boileau   Translated by: Chantal Bilodeau
ISBN: 9781772601428
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 308
Price: $24.95
Fourteen young women, murdered because they were women, are memorialized in this definitive account of a tragic day that forced a reckoning with violence against women in our culture.
By (author): Bryan Ratushniak
ISBN: 9781770865761
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 280
Price: $24.95
A candid memoir from a retired Firefighter Captain.
Teaching Fairly in an Unfair World
By (author): Kathleen Gould Lundy
ISBN: 9781551383439
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 197
Price: $24.95
An open-ended approach to giving students voice and challenging them to think critically about social justice issues.
By (author): Eli Rubenstein   With:
ISBN: 9781772601497
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 152
Price: $32.95
Remarkable stories and photographs that bear witness to the Holocaust from the much-respected organization The March of the Living. An address by Steven Spielberg is included in new Afterword for new edition, released to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII.
A Cry in Unison
By (author): Judy Cohen
ISBN: 9781988065700
Publisher: The Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 232
Price: $14.95
A memoir about a young girl from Hungary who survives Auschwitz-Birkenau and other concentration camps.
In the Hour of Fate and Danger
By (author): Ferenc Andai   Translated by: Marietta Morry, Lynda Muir
ISBN: 9781988065564
Publisher: The Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 298
Price: $14.95
A powerful, lyrical memoir by a World War II survivor of forced labor in the copper mines of Bor, Serbia.
Nanaimo Girl
By (author): Prudence Emery
ISBN: 9781770865273
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 280
Price: $24.95
A memoir featuring the film stars of the 1960s.
Powerful Writing Structures
By (author): Adrienne Gear
ISBN: 9781551383446
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers
Pages: 160
Price: $24.95
Writing strategies that focus on brain pockets to deepen all forms of writing.
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