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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 28
Themes: animal art, ABC primer, early learning
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 28/Feb/2017
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Alligator, Bear, Crab is an ABC book for babies and toddlers alike that introduces the shapes and sounds of the alphabet amid a colorful collection of critters. The bright colors and playful images make for a unique board book, the perfect size for a child's small hands.

Publishers Weekly
"Endearing animals introduce the ABCs in an inviting board book. Pechter's organic paintings feature soft lines, kindly faces, and a soothing palette of creamy sunset colors and sky blues...With care paid to each image, this is a charming, distinctive primer."
CM Magazine
"Occasionally, a unique [board] book will demand attention, and such is the case with Lesley Wynne Pechter's Alligator, Bear, Crab...The simplicity and elegance of the Japanese woodcut is exemplified in this board book. Animal faces and expressions are emphasized, and all faces are friendly, but not necessarily imbued with a conventional smile. Colour, too, is unconventional, and this book is a refreshing change from the standard board book...With main colours of muted green, orange, and aquamarine that are pleasing to the eye, one can see how this book could be soothing to a young child...Suitable for infants, who enjoy looking at pictures and hearing a familiar voice, and all the way up to toddlers who like to repeat words and may even "read" the book themselves, prompted by the pictures and their ever-expanding memories. My two-year-old grabbed this book from my hands and would not let me take it from her until after several re-readings—this is my definition of success with a new book! Alligator, Bear, Crab is suitable for public libraries and personal home collections. Highly Recommended."
Word of Mouse Book Reviews blog
"A fabulous new board book that is sure to be a hit with the baby shower set as well as the babies themselves...This book is swoon-worthy with its gorgeous pastel palette and Japanese woodcut-inspired illustrations. It stands out on the shelves and to wee readers. I also love the sweet expressions on the somewhat eclectic group of animals that are featured in this book. My daughter, at almost two, can now identify the eagle, koala, newt and urchin in the book and loves the old favourites like the frog, bear and goose!...Utterly original, very Canadian, adorable, educational and attractive, this book is the kind I live to blog about!"
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
"Two pre-reader staples, the animal book and the alphabet book, make a happy mashup in this attractive board book. The animal selection veers just enough off-kilter to provide some surprises...The deer, the frog, the moose, and the turtle will probably be among the first critters whose names are babbled by the youngest viewers, while the likes of the newt, the urchin, and the vole will give older viewers animal-identification bragging rights. While this particular roundup excludes pets and other domesticated creatures, even the most predatory of the lot manages a grin, or at the very least an amiable demeanour...A soft yet trendy palette of cool blues, greens, yellows, and peaches will appeal as much to parents fixated on color-coordinated nursery accoutrements as to the toddlers themselves."
Kirkus Reviews
"From the sharp-toothed alligator to the final wild zebra, an arresting animal menagerie is presented...Even the most challenging connections appear unforced; urchin and vole seem perfectly natural standing along with the prominent bear...The nursery-inspired background palette includes robin's-egg blues, tangerine oranges and lemony yellows and peek through artful, intricate gaps in the animals' outlines. Always recognizable, these dreamlike creatures alphabetically enchant."
"With a large, uncluttered image of an animal representing each letter of the alphabet, this sturdy board book will have toddlers pointing at the bright pictures and sounding out the critters' names many times over...Just right for the youngest lap audience and for preschoolers starting to learn letters."
Canadian Children's Book News
"Pechter uses a soothing palette of creamy pastels and bright colours to attract youngsters to her friendly looking characters...The animals all have a playful appeal to them—enticing little ones to keep turning the pages to discover what's next...I love the warm colours and sweet critters that decorated the pages and would certainly include it in a gift for a newborn or toddler's birthday."
The Toronto Star
"Has a calm summery look, and hints at some of the splashing creatures of B.C. in its alphabetical catalogue of creatures...Pale yellows, cool greens and blues are refreshing to the eye, but what's nicest about Alligator Bear Crab is Pechter's close observation of the markings and patterns on her birds, beasts and marine life. The loon with its black and white markings, the jay with its quizzical look and the seal with its appearance of somnolent pleasure—all help make this a work of character as well as zoology. It's a pleasure to see a baby book that features so many species native to Canada."
Resource Links
"Friendly animals are paired with each letter of the alphabet in this lovely illustrated board book...[and] gentle pastel colours are used...The beginning letter of each word is larger and a different colour, making it easier for children to identify. The chubby baby for "You" adds a companionable aspect to the book, which is well sized for small hands."
Southwest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries
"[With] friendly animals in soft, muted colors...Children will be reading this one over and over and over."
"A handsome book...that parents and children will want to open again and again...Endearing animal faces with expressions looking out from the page are sometimes inquisitive, smiling, open, curious or happy. Atypical animals make this a page-turner...[A] truly lovely book."
School Library Journal
"This is a lovely little alphabet primer that will delight children and also their quirky adults. Simple and extremely attractive and effective graphic-style paintings of animals appear on each page...A sunny, appealing choice to practice the alphabet with the very young."
Youth Services Book Reviews
"This is a wonderful introduction to the alphabet...The color palette is a standout in beachy tones...This is sure to be a favorite."


San Francisco Examiner's Top Ten Board Books for Toddlers  | 2011 | Commended
Read to Me!'s 50 Best Books for Babies list  | 2013 | Commended
Resource Links "The Year's Best"  | 2011 | Commended

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