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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 192
Themes: murder, fantasy, mystery, organized crime, espionage, vampires, vigilante, adventure
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 16/Apr/2019
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Amber Fang enjoys life's simple pleasures. A perfect evening for her includes a good book, a glass of wine and, of course, a great meal, preferably straight from the jugular.

Raised to eat ethically, Amber dines only on delicious cold-blooded killers. But confirming that her chosen victims deserve to die takes time. And patience. So it's a good thing Amber is studying to be a librarian. Her extraordinary research skills help her hunt down her prey, seek out other vampires and stay on the trail of her mother, who has been missing for over two years now.

But one day while Amber is stalking a rather tasty-looking murderer, things go horribly wrong. Amber has walked into a trap. The hunter becomes the hunted.

Now on the run, Amber receives the perfect job offer out of the blue. Someone wants to pay her to kill (and eat) the world's worst criminals.

It sounds too good to be true.

Amber Fang: Hunted is the first book in this exciting new vampire series.

A.J. Banner, bestselling author of The Good Neighbor
"Enthralling, witty, briskly paced and highly original, Amber Fang: Hunted is bestselling author Arthur Slade at his finest. I can't wait for the next book in the series!"
"Slade's vampire mythos is interesting, and he ends this fast-paced, entertaining story in the right place to keep interest piqued for the series' next installment…With short sentences, simple language, and a plot that will appeal to older readers, this is a good choice for reluctant teen and even adult readers."
Quill & Quire
“Top-notch supernatural thrillers...The Amber Fang novels are an absolute hoot, relentlessly gripping, and genuinely surprising…For many readers, Amber Fang will serve as a midpoint between Disney’s Kim Possible and Kristi Charish’s Kincaid Strange.”
CM: Canadian Review of Materials
"A tongue-in-cheek vampire/secret agent mash-up…This series will appeal to readers who like making fun of over-used tropes and don't want a lot of description or character angst to get in the way of the action. Highly Recommended."
Susin Nielsen, author of Optimists Die First & We Are All Made of Molecules
"Arthur Slade's trademark humor imbues this book about a plucky vampire librarian; it's a romp of a read, and I kept thinking it would also make a great tv series. I had so much fun reading this!"
School Library Journal
"Fast and funny, this book will entice those who wished Buffy was the vampire."
The Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books
"A pithy and kickass protagonist…[in] a world of supernatural and political intrigue framed as a librarian fantasy adventure."
Resource Links
"Slade has left many tantalizing loose ends to be followed up in subsequent novels…Amber's intelligence, physical prowess and fierce independence comprise a complex, unique and very cinematic superhero. Excellent."
Saskatoon Star Phoenix
"A YA novel for young adults testing the turbulent waters of ethics, morality, geopolitics, history, social media, and popular culture.""
Kirkus Reviews
"An interesting approach to a vampire narrative…A recipe more typical of a spy thriller and one that is made tangy with the liberal sprinkling of paranormal drama…Imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer—except Buffy is the vampire and has the research skills of Giles."

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