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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 0
Themes: dystopia, fantasy
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pub Date: 01/Mar/2018
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After years of struggle to maintain its independence, the idyllic walled city of Aahimsa, a community of girls and women dedicated to making a life of peace free of the brutality of the Outsiders, and Aahimsa's prospering Manuhome are suddenly victims of a brutal surprise attack by the forces of The World Federation of City States. Mabon and Nora are in hiding outside the city, where they witness all the horrors of the assault.

Adam, their adoptive son, is no longer with them, having been placed under the protection of Doctor Ueland at the Manuhome. Known to the federation as The Last Wild Boy, Adam has been hunted down since his unauthorized birth in Aahimsa. Blanchfleur, the mayor of Aahimsa, flees with her daughter and granddaughter, along with hundreds of the Manuhome workers. A few of them are thrown together, and although some are strangers and long-time enemies, they are forced by circumstance to attempt to find a way to escape extinction in the outside world, fighting against powerful and relentless common enemies, traitors and especially the federation's murderous and heartless robotic army. They must deal with great dangers and unexpected revelations. Can they work together and adjust their thinking enough to survive and find happiness against such insurmountable odds?

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