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A Frank Ryan Mystery
Adult Fiction
Pages: 160
Themes: mystery, murder, male sleuth, accidental sleuth, music, history, piano tuner, Beethoven, symphonies, Japanese side kick, jazz bars, Nazi crimes, stolen artifacts
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2015
Fry Reading Level: 4.5
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Piano tuner Frank Ryan is paid in kind by an aging music teacher with an old manuscript that turns out to be Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony. Launched into a world of intrigue and violence, Ryan, an unlikely sleuth, realizes he must use his wits to conquer his enemies and solve the mystery of the manuscript. In the process Ryan discovers whom he can trust and what he is made of. The first in a series featuring Frank Ryan, Beethoven’s Tenth is a smart page-turner.

Kirkus Reviews
"The perfect gift for mystery fans."
Escape from the ER blog
"An entertaining novella featuring an unlikely hero...It's amazing how much is packed into this slim volume. It's told in first person and Frank is a charming narrator. His chatty and humorous voice will have you laughing and cringing, often at the same time, as he relates his story. The characters are well developed and distinct. It's an easy, fast-paced read with a couple of nice little twists I didn't see coming."
Clara, LibraryThing Early Reviewer
"A tiny paperback with a surprisingly appealing content. A mystery with a fabulous, fresh sense of humor...There is a certain charm in a self-deprecating, a little goofy, but definitely smart and decent protagonist. I shall certainly look forward to the next Frank Ryan mystery."
CM Magazine
"Harvey has created a believable character in Frank Ryan. The circumstances that he finds himself in become very complicated very quickly. As an unlikely detective, Ryan escapes his attacker and manages to outsmart everyone, even the detectives. Rather than create a simple plot, Harvey writes a story that has many twists and turns. Beethoven's Tenth is not a simple story, but a page-turner that requires close attention to detail. A quick read."
"Simple vocabulary, a relatable male character, and a fast-paced plot line that hooks the reader immediately...Ideal for adults who have difficulty reading or for anyone who simply enjoys a quick read with nonstop action and adventure...Those who work with high school-aged English language learners may find titles in this series useful recommendations as well."


Arthur Ellis Awards Best Novella nominee  | 2016 | Short-listed


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