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Graphic Novel 6-8
Pages: 160
Themes: graphic novel, adventure, scouts, mythology, time travel
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Oct/2019
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What was supposed to be a relaxing ocean crossing for Billy Stuart and his friends after their adventures on the island of Crete quickly transforms into a veritable odyssey. A violent storm throws them off their maritime course and leads to a downpour of events with potentially tragic consequences: mutiny, vicious monster attacks, siren songs and more. The dire situation doesn't get any better when they finally make it to shore. A thousand dangers make the Zintrepids' every waking moment seem like a nightmare. And is Billy Stuart still on the trail of his grandfather, the explorer Virgil Stuart who has traveled through time? Or are the Zintrepids forever lost in an unknown age and strange place?

Brightly illustrated and enhanced with games and puzzles throughout, Billy Stuart and the Sea of One Thousand Dangers is the third title in the Billy Stuart Adventures series, following Billy Stuart and the Zintrepids and Billy Stuart in the Minotaur's Lair.

CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“An intriguing adventure story filled with mythological figures, scary monsters, and exciting conflicts. The Zintrepids once again work as a team to conquer whatever obstacles they confront. These heroes will inspire young readers who could read this book independently or listen to it as a read-aloud.”

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“An intriguing adventure story filled with scary monsters, Greek mythology, and thrilling conflicts. The courageous Zintrepids will inspire young readers who could read this book independently or listen to it as a read aloud.”
Must Read Literature: K thru YA
“High interest and easy to read…Puzzles throughout the book keeps struggling readers on the right track with comprehension. The additional search and find is fun for all. This series would be a great addition to a middle school library.”

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