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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: hair, self-esteem
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pub Date: 15/Jul/2019
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In this vibrant and exquisitely illustrated picture book, written by Commonwealth Prize-winning Jamaican-Canadian Olive Senior, and with pictures by the acclaimed artist Laura James (the team that created Anna Carries Water), a young girl learns to love her difficult-to-manage, voluminous and boonoonoonous hair.

School Library Journal, Fuse 8 Blog
“(Olive Senior) points out that there is just so much that a person can DO with Jamilla’s hair. It sort of skips the whole ‘feel good about yourself in a vague way’ message and goes right to the ‘here is precisely why you should feel good about yourself’. I really appreciate that.”
NPR Weekend Edition
“Senior's book tells the story of Jamilla, a young girl learning to love her hair — and Senior says that's something everyone can relate to. (It's) a book full of rhythm and rhymes (that) Laura James brought to life with bright, vibrant illustrations.”

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