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NF Picture Book
Pages: 24
Themes: bullying, kindness, getting along
Publisher: Acorn Press
Pub Date: 01/Mar/2013
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Bully 101 is an irreverent look at a familiar and ongoing issue. It explores both the temptations of bullying and the remarkable possibility of kindness. It is an excellent conversation starter for both parents and teachers, and for anyone who hopes for peace. The illustrations are funky. The text rhymes and twists. Geared toward readers from primary to grade seven, Bully 101 identifies ways in which bullying occurs (cyber, playground, bus), the feelings that result (for both bully and victim) and the simple notion that anyone can choose kindness instead. The book does not answer all the questions surrounding bullying, nor does it preach. Rather, it aims to begin conversations on why we bully or watch it happen, and presents the idea that we can all choose not to participate in bullying.


CCBC Best Books  | 2013 | Commended

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