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Nonfiction Ages 12+
Pages: 160
Themes: fashion, ethical shopping, marketing, recycling, re-purposing, vintage
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 20/Feb/2018
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What you choose to wear becomes part of your identity, but it doesn't affect just you.

Your clothing sends a message to the world, whether you want it to or not! And often we don't know what that message really is. Can Your Outfit Change the World? looks at how and where clothes are made, how the people who make the clothes are treated and how the companies who sell the clothes affect the health of our planet. Armed with information, you can follow the book's guide to spending your fashion dollars in a responsible and eco-friendly way. Your outfits have more power than you might realize!

Kirkus Reviews
"A good introduction to issues within the fashion industry…Discussion of diversity and gender roles in fashion is a welcome inclusion in addition to this book's solid information."
"Colorful design elements and photos help make this a quick, attractive read. This paperback will find an audience among readers concerned about how their clothing choices impact their world."
CM Magazine
"As in the previous entry in the 'PopActivism' series, Can Your Smartphone Change the World?, the information is presented in an engaging, interactive manner…Fashionistas will be inspired and emboldened by this nonfiction book that is bursting at the seams with thought provoking information. Highly Recommended. "
Quill & Quire
"Can Your Outfit Change the World? does the topic justice, approaching it in a simple, informative way that has the potential to make anyone feel like they really do have the power to invoke positive change."
Resource Links
"There is an impressive amount of information in this book and its accessible, breezy style makes for a comfortable read…The positive tone of this volume goes a long way to demonstrating how anyone can become a fashion activista."
Canadian Children's Book News
"No matter your passion, there is something to attract nearly every reader…Whether you are social-media savvy or looking to make a small impact with your wallet, Paisley's popactivist pieces offer an array of ways to change the world, one click at a time."


Cybils Senior High Nonfiction Award  | 2018 | Nominated
CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens  | 2018 | Commended

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