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Nonfiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 128
Themes: design, feminism, social activism
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 01/Oct/2010
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Profiles of ten inspirational designers including architect Eileen Gray, urban designer Jane Jacobs, roboticist Cynthia Breazeal, and fashion designer Vera Wang.

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"With each thoroughly researched account the reader will learn and be inspired from the often controversial impact that these amazing women have had on modern designs. Well written and enjoyable to read."
CM Magazine
"Form and function commingle to attractively represent the lives of exceptional women who have excelled in their particular vocations...Dazzling Women Designers commands attention...one wants to reach for the book at first sight...The narrative, itself, proceeds virtually seamlessly because the author deftly contextualizes the lives of her subjects, especially those who are historically more distant, for 9- to 13-year-old readers...Books in "The Women's Hall of Fame Series" make lovely, practical, and affordable gifts and collectibles. Public and school libraries should invest in the entire collection (budgeting shelf space for future titles, of course), which could be used not only for attractive displays for Women's History Month, but also as a reference tool for young girls contemplating career options. Dazzling Women Designers, like its sister books, makes accessible the lives of accomplished women in order to encourage and motivate its readers to accomplish great things in turn. Highly Recommended. "
Midwest Book Review
Dazzling Women Designers is an inspirational collection that presents a broad array of design career success stories for young readers to savor.
Victoria Stocker, The Department of Libary Science and Instructional Technology, The Fall Book Review
highly recommended to anyone who is interested in how women play a role in the diverse field of design.
ETFO Voice Magazine
Dazzling Women Designers is a fascinating and readable non-fiction text


American Library Association Amelia Bloomer List of Best Feminist Books "We found this book to be an exemplary title and we thank you for the work you have done in publishing this strong feminist book for youth. We were particularly impressed by the geographical range and the occupational diversity of the women in this book. I am confident that many students of both genders will find these profiles impressive and amazing!" | 2012 | Short-listed

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