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Lana Llama
By (author): Lori Doody
ISBN: 9781927917817
Publisher: Running the Goat
Pages: 32
Price: $9.95
Lana the llama just wants to fit in with her flock, until she learns that standing out may be even better!
Mr. Beagle Climbs Signal Hill
By (author): Lori Doody
ISBN: 9781927917800
Publisher: Running the Goat
Pages: 44
Price: $9.95
When he takes a hike up Signal Hill, Mr. Beagle stumbles upon a new mystery. People's picnic baskets are being plundered. Who could the culprit be?
Finding Edward
By (author): Sheila Murray
ISBN: 9781770866263
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 320
Price: $24.95
After migrating to Canada, Cyril Rowntree navigates the implications of being racialized in his new land as he pieces together the story of a mixed-race baby from the 1920s named Edward.
Polestar Family Calendar 2023
Edited by: Ruth Porter
ISBN: 9781551861265
Publisher: Polestar Calendars
Pages: 168
Price: $17.95
For more than thirty years, this award-winning agenda has proven indispensable for many thousands of busy families. It provides a flexible, spacious format for recording the entire family’s daily activities.
Polestar Business Agenda 2023
Edited by: Julian Ross
ISBN: 9781551861272
Publisher: Polestar Calendars
Pages: 176
Price: $19.95

The Polestar Business Agenda features a unique design that combines all of the essential features of a business planner with ample room to plan your personal life as well.

Polestar Planner 2023
ISBN: 9781551861289
Publisher: Polestar Calendars
Pages: 160
Price: $14.95
With lots of room to write in, this popular planner combines the functionality of an agenda with plenty of journal space to keep track of all your creative projects, passions, and plans.
Leading Through Spirals of Inquiry
By (author)s: Judy Halbert, Linda Kaser
ISBN: 9781774920206
Publisher: Portage & Main Press
Pages: 150
Price: $29.00

This professional resource provides a proven framework to help school leadership teams—including teachers, principals, superintendents, and district leaders—transform learning environments and change outcomes for students.

Immoral, Indecent, and Scurrilous
By (author): Gerald Hannon
ISBN: 9781770866027
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 304
Price: $24.95
A memoir from a journalist, LGBTQ+ activist and unrepentant sex radical charged for writing indecent, immoral and scurrilous material in a groundbreaking case of freedom of expression.
Cover Art
By (author): Vanessa Westermann
ISBN: 9781770866423
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 440
Price: $24.95
Charley Scott is thrilled to be running a summer pop-up gallery in cottage country. But when her friend’s husband is found dead, the investigation threatens the gallery’s opening.
By (author): Angela Misri
ISBN: 9781770866515
Pages: 0
Price: $13.95
White Lies
By (author): Sara De Waard
ISBN: 9781770866492
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 240
Price: $15.95
Missy’s little brother died on her thirteenth birthday and her family has been struggling with their grief ever since. As her sixteenth birthday approaches, she meets Luke and he helps her begin healing.
The Original Student Calendar 2022/2023
Edited by: Julian Ross
ISBN: 9781551861258
Publisher: Polestar Calendars
Pages: 168
Price: $13.95
A proven, easy-to-use student time-management system.
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