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Immoral, Indecent, and Scurrilous
By (author): Gerald Hannon
ISBN: 9781770866027
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 304
Price: $24.95
A memoir from a journalist, LGBTQ+ activist and unrepentant sex radical charged for writing indecent, immoral and scurrilous material in a groundbreaking case of freedom of expression.
ISBN: 9781774920008
Publisher: Portage & Main Press
Pages: 144
Price: $27.00

This collection of contemporary poetry, art, and narrative guides teachers in bridging K–12 curricula with Indigenous voices and pedagogies. Experienced educators M’Lot and Adamov Ferguson support readers in discovering Indigenous voices and perspectives, using Indigenous works in their classrooms, and creating equitable teaching practices.

The Lost Expert
ISBN: 9781770866348
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 392
Price: $24.95
After being mistaken for the lead actor on the set of a Hollywood film, Chris assumes the identity of the actor and disconnects from his real life. Falling deeply into his newfound identity, he must grapple with his role as an imposter and whether he should extricate himself from reinvention.
The Troupers
ISBN: 9781770866300
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 224
Price: $24.95
Under their father’s watchful eye, the Trouper quintuplets were raised to be the best actors of their generation, only to rebel during a performance on their 18th birthday and go their separate ways. Twenty years later, the siblings reunite for the reading of their father’s will and one last performance.
Water Proof
By (author): Aaron Bushkowsky
ISBN: 9781770866362
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 320
Price: $24.95
When Andy's lover—his wife's best friend—goes missing on a kayaking trip, he steals a memory card with evidence to keep his secret from being exposed. The memory card is then stolen from him, and in his attempts to recover it he is led further than ever from his wife, testing the breaking point of their marriage.
Valley of the Rats
ISBN: 9781770866287
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 240
Price: $13.95
When Krish and his father take a camping trip to Ladakh, he convinces himself they’ll bond, despite Krish’s fear of germs and the outdoors. They become lost in a storm and stumble upon the hidden village of Imdura. The Imdurans are very secretive and can’t let Kabir and Krish expose their existence to outsiders.
Whisper to the Sky
By (author): Kim Sigafus
ISBN: 9781939053381
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Pages: 118
Price: $9.95
Sydney was a bully at her old school, but when she moves to a new school, the roles are reversed, and she becomes the person who is bullied.
The Day the Earth Rose Up
ISBN: 9781939053398
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Pages: 40
Price: $14.95
A tale of how the Seven Sisters, who ran away from a giant bear, were saved when their prayer was answered. The Seven Sisters shine on us every night as the Pleiades.
Defending Orcas
ISBN: 9781939053367
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Pages: 48
Price: $14.95
Young adults explore why orcas’ captivity in marine parks is a poor substitute for life in the open ocean and performing creates unnatural stress no orca should endure.
It's A Hit!
By (author)s: Arin Barth, Marika Barth
ISBN: 9781999156299
Publisher: Flamingo Rampant
Pages: 150
Price: $12.95
After Wil comes out as a trans boy, his dad wants him to have the experiences he loved - including baseball camp. Wil doesn't know anything about baseball, but Taylor, the athletic son of queer moms, is determined that Wil get a hit before the summer ends.
The Light of You
By (author)s: Trystan Reese, Biff Chaplow   Illustrated by: Van Binfa
ISBN: 9781999156268
Publisher: Flamingo Rampant
Pages: 28
Price: $15.95

The Light of You is a story about the anticipation of a baby’s arrival. A transgender dad shares the love and hope of the community around him as the baby inside him prepares to make its journey to the light. 

Metatron's Children
By (author): Chy Ryan Spain   Illustrated by: Sydney Kuhne
ISBN: 9781999156275
Publisher: Flamingo Rampant
Pages: 135
Price: $12.95
Meet Yren: a 12 year-old Black, non-binary kid growing up in the safety of The Village during the time After the Fall. Yren never wanted to be special, but the Universe had other plans. Exploring these strange and exciting new powers will take Yren outside the safety of the life they’ve known and into a perilous adventure.
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