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How Kids Help Feed the World
Nonfiction Ages 8-12
Pages: 48
Themes: agriculture, sustainability, farm animals, birds, farm to table
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 04/04/2017
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Kids all over the world help collect seeds, weed gardens, milk goats and herd ducks. From a balcony garden with pots of lettuce to a farm with hundreds of cows, kids can pitch in to bring the best and freshest products to their families' tables—and to market. Loaded with accessible information about the many facets of farming, Down to Earth takes a close look at everything from what an egg carton tells you to why genetic diversity matters—even to kids.

Kirkus Reviews - February 14, 2017
"The writing is good-spirited, not preachy or condescending...and there is enough practical material that nonfarm kids will be able to find fascinating...Informative, varied, entertaining, eye-catching—there's not much more you could ask for of this unaffected piece of work."

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Nonfiction for ages 8–11

Key Features:

Well-researched, simply-expressed information

Powerful images from around the world

Common Core correlated

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