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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 192
Themes: Self-esteem and self-reliance, music, sexual bullying
Publisher: Coteau Books
Pub Date: 01/Oct/2011
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The Fourth Down needs a drummer, and Sidney's easily the best in the school. But the all-male band has conditions for her to be allowed in—such as dressing like a girl. Accustomed to invisibility, Sid soon discovers the consequences to her makeover. It's not only that playing kit in a skirt is impractical. But as someone once taunted about her sexuality for being a drum-playing girl who likes shop class, now Sid is forced to deal with guys who think her new look makes her fair game. Sidney begins to realize the price of compromising who you really are.

Resource Links - December 1, 2011
"Fast-paced and gritty...A good look into the life of a modern teenage girl and her journey to find herself. This novel would appeal to readers who enjoy realistic young adult fiction."
Booklist - November 1, 2011
"While drumming and music are the hooks to reel in readers, drummer-girl Sid and her friends are every high-schooler, and Bass clearly shows the pain of being harassed and bullied...The story's teen voices of pain and eventual courage will ring true to adolescents, whether they're popular, misfits, or a bit of both."
The Diary of a Bookworm blog - August 23, 2011
"An engrossing and enjoyable story. The ugly duckling turn around will appeal to any teen who's struggled to be more average in the high school world where being unique or unusual are particularly hard crosses to bear...Bass's full cast of characters is terrific...I would happily read more about them all and would love to see more of what happens to each of them. Do a young Twilight fan in your book circle a service and add Drummer Girl to their TBR pile. And make sure to grab yourself a copy while you're at it."
Kirkus Reviews - August 1, 2011
"Bass' portrayal of the harassment is relatively mild, but she doesn't downplay its seriousness, either. She keeps her characters real and demonstrates just how sexual harassment can damage the lives of everyone involved. Fast paced and insightful, a good choice for teen readers, especially those interested in music."


Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award finalist  | 2012 | Short-listed

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