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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 144
Themes: Eyes, Ferris wheels, vertigo, dance, tap dance, Gene Kelly, entrepreneurialism, mystery, humor, environment
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/May/2015
Fry Reading Level: 2.0
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The last thing Chaz wants is to spend his summer working on his father’s Eye, a Ferris wheel with glass-bottomed gondolas set up to view scenic North Vancouver. For one thing, Chaz would prefer to pursue his own passion: dance in the style of the late, great Gene Kelly. More important, Chaz suffers from vertigo, and even the thought of the Eye makes him want to lose his lunch. But when a crowd of angry protestors and a mysterious vandal threaten his father’s dream, and the family’s livelihood, Chaz is forced to overcome his own fears to help out.

CM Magazine
"The pace of the story moves along quickly...The details that lead Chaz to understand who is behind the attacks on the Ferris wheel and the driving cause for this behaviour are woven together very well...Recommended."
"Well written and engaging...[with] a strong sense of the characters."
"Offers readers a mild mystery with an atypical leading man...[The novel] succeeds in ushering in themes of bullying, following one’s dreams, and confronting fears."
Resource Links
"An interesting read with surprising thematic precepts...[that] will be embraced by many young adult readers. Excellent life lessons to be learned and important messages about acceptance and problem solving are addressed in the plot. Recommended for recreational reading, literature discussion groups, even as a springboard for investigation into city planning and the ensuing problems encountered in building new projects and new recreational facilities. Also recommended for engaging challenged readers or ESL readers."
School Library Connection
"Reluctant middle and high school readers would enjoy this fast-paced action novel."

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