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All Around Newfoundland
Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: Nature, adventure, animals
Publisher: Tuckamore
Pub Date: 01/02/2012
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Young readers will have endless fun searching for canine pals Scruncheon the Newfoundland dog and Touton the Labrador retriever, as they journey through some of Newfoundland's most recognizable places. For anyone who lives in the province, and for those who would enjoy a virtual tour of Newfoundland, Find Scruncheon and Touton: All Around Newfoundland will fascinate children and adults alike. From the city to the ocean and beyond, this is a picturebook to explore again and again.

CM Magazine - September 2, 2011
"A bright and engaging book...Mother-and-daughter team Nancy and Laurel Keating have lovingly depicted scenes of geographical or cultural significance, starring two breeds of dogs that not only represent both the island and mainland portions of Newfoundland and Labrador, but are familiar to children everywhere...Young children will enjoy many hours pouring over this book to look for the objects listed or pictured."

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