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Fiction Ages 8-11
Pages: 144
Themes: self-reliance, adventure, planes, flying, wilderness, fire
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/01/2003
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Kaylee used to love to fly. With two pilots for parents, how could she not? But when her father's plane goes down and neither the wreckage nor his body is found, she develops a terror of flying. She is too afraid to convince her mother to take her back to the Caribbean to search for her father. And she is haunted by fear whenever her mother goes up to fight fires in a water bomber. Kaylee escapes her fear and her grief on treks with her dog, Sausage, through the forest, the Big Tangle, near her home. But, one day, fire follows her into the forest and events conspire against her until the only escape is resting on pontoons at the dock on Booker Bay.

Flight from Big Tangle is the first of two books in a series.
Book two is Flight from Bear Canyon.

CM Magazine - September 3, 2004
"Guaranteed to keep a young reader on the edge of his/her chair." "A great adventure story."
Resource Links - September 1, 2002
"Should be a book that attracts and interests a wide variety of readers."


Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Books  | 2004 | Commended
CLA Book of the Year for Children nominee  | 2003 | Short-listed
SYRCA Diamond Willow nominee  | 2004 | Short-listed


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