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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 232
Themes: racism, blues, Janis Joplin, nuns, 1970, car mechanic, Texas
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 06/Sep/2016
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The year Louisiana—Easy for short—meets Janis Joplin is the year everything changes. Easy is a car mechanic in her dad's shop, but she can sing the blues like someone twice her age. So when she hears that Janis Joplin is passing through her small town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Easy is there with her guitar in hand. It's 1970, and Janis Joplin is an electrifying blues-rock singer at the height of her fame—and of her addictions. Yet she recognizes Easy's talent and asks her to meet her in Texas to sing.

Easy will do anything to get to Texas, so when she is offered a ride with two nuns in exchange for help with their car, Easy begins an unexpected journey that will change everything.

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