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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 260
Themes: Indigenous, Fantasy, Canadian history, First Nations, Aboriginal
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pub Date: 24/Sep/2019
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Cole Harper is dead. Reynold McCabe is alive and free. Mihko Laboratories has reopened the research facility and works to manufacture and weaponize the illness that previously plagued Wounded Sky. People are dying. The community has been quarantined. And time is running out. What deal did Eva strike with Choch? Who will defeat Reynold and Mihko?

This is the final book in The Reckoner trilogy.

Horn Book Magazine
"This final volume in the Reckoner trilogy (beginning with Strangers, rev. 5/18) has many of the same elements as the first two: a deeply rooted sense of family and community within Wounded Sky First Nation, a fictional Cree nation in Canada; an abundance of pop culture references (Star Wars features largely); self-conscious metafictionality through asides to characters and readers; and action—lots of action.”
Quill & Quire
“Robertson’s trademark wit, grasp of superhero conventions, and skill in telling own-voices stories set in First Nations communities are all on display in the Reckoner books, which leave YA readers shaken and exhilarated.”

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