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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 64
Publisher: Running the Goat
Pub Date: 27/Apr/2021
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After her parents are duped by a coyote who is a master of disguise, Harriet (“Harry” for short) and her seven younger siblings are left to fend for themselves. Their only resource is their parents’ now-empty bedroom, so Harry and her brothers and sisters open a “hare bed and breakfast.” It is a great success. Then, the coyote comes calling again and learns that revenge is a dish best served as breakfast.

Award-winning author Bill Richardson and acclaimed artist Bill Pechet join forces in this charming and hilarious tale about self-reliant young hares and a coyote who gets her comeuppance.

“An amusing and very relevant cautionary tale.”
The Globe and Mail
“Richardson’s witty wordplay might be the hook here, but readers will want to stick around for the satisfying molasses-and-feathering.”
CanLit for LittleCanadians
“A little dark, a whole lot of clever and completely charming.”
The Telegram
“A reader’s first impression of “Hare B&B” is of how beautifully and insightfully integrated the words and pictures are. Even on the cover and the immediate inside pages the illustrations, playfully sketch-y and delicately coloured — are full of detail and underscore the joyful resilience of the story (its wordplay kicking off with the title). And what a story — it holds excellent life lessons and standards in a lightly “Series of Unfortunate Events” tenor.”
Atlantic Books Today

“In this latest offering from highly-acclaimed author Bill Richardson, sly humour and subtle whimsy result in an offbeat tale of family love, hotel hijinks and crises averted (with molasses and feathers, no less).”

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