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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 288
Themes: Fantasy, intolerence
Publisher: Sumach Press
Pub Date: 01/04/2009
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The plains tribe sorcerer Fvlad is gathering forces to conquer the lands and enslave the minds of the Villagers. Dovella must travel to a nearby Forester village of skilled shagines to learn how to harness her extraordinary gifts so that she can protect her village from the invading sorcerer. The sorcerer captures Dovella and tries to bend her will to his own ends. But do even Fvlad's own followers know the true extent of his ambitions?

Author Anne Gray keeps her readers deeply involved in this fascinating sequel to Rites of the Healer. Fast-paced, suspenseful and full of unexpected twists, Healer's Touch brings to the fore contemporary issues like intolerance and the abuse of power in this beautifully plotted tale of an alternative world.

Anne Gray lives in Hamilton, Ontario. She writes in several genres for both adults and children, but has a particular love for writing young adult fantasy.

What If? Magazine - April 1, 2009
"The perfect book for those who enjoy a good adventure full of suspense, excitement, and sorcery."

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