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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 208
Themes: cats, family, anthropomorphism, trust, friendship
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/09/2012
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Hunter knows humans are dangerous to himself and the other cats of his colony. He avoids them, as all wild cats should. So when a neighborhood boy starts showing up in Hunter's junkyard to chase away dogs and bring the colony food, Hunter keeps his distance. But a new condo development puts the whole colony in danger, and Hunter soon realizes the only way to save his family is to put his trust in the boy.

The story of Catboy told through very different eyes.

BC SPCA - June 1, 2013
"Structured in a way that allows the reader to learn along with the protagonist, Catboy touches on some important information regarding feral cat colonies...The author also intersperses messages about cultural diversity, gentrification and the question of morality vs. legality—all of which offer the possibility of further critical thinking and discussion...A page-turning and thought-provoking read."
Tucson Unified School District - May 23, 2013
"A simple but lively adventure that would appeal to young readers."
Resource Links - October 1, 2012
"Fast-paced action will appeal to boys and girls."
CM Magazine - September 7, 2012
"Hunter is a good read, and it is obvious that Walters has a very intimate knowledge of his subject matter. He captures the tension between the different animals and humans quite well. Walters also touches on the impact of the human environment and human activities on the feral cat colonies...I would highly recommend Walters' Hunter to be included in a public or school library collection."
Kirkus Reviews - September 1, 2012
"An interesting experiment in collaborative creation and complementary storytelling."
Library Media Connection - March 1, 2012
"This book should definitely be added to libraries with Catboy, and is recommended for fans of animal stories."

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