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A Keno Kalder Mystery
Adult Fiction
Pages: 144
Themes: mystery, crime fiction, serial killer, murder, politics, bill collector, rent collector, learning disability, high school drop out, amateur sleuth, blackmail, extortion
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 08/Sep/2015
Fry Reading Level: 4.0
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Keno is twenty-three, a high-school dropout working as a rent collector for a slum landlord. Apart from hitting on the office secretary, Cass, his life is bleak. His job takes him into sad, mean places where kids wail, drunks fight and women get beaten up. He works his territory with Jaco, who’s tougher and shiftier than any of the folks they’re sent to shake rent out of.

One night Keno and Jaco finally catch up to one of their targets. But she’ll never pay. She’s dead. Battered almost beyond recognition. But they recognize her killer, and Jaco comes up with a scheme to blackmail him.

Now Keno has to decide who he is—bill collector or blackmailer. Or could he even be the good guy? Will he run or will he stay? In the end, will trusting himself help him outmaneuver a psychopathic killer?

School Library Journal
"An entertaining, accessible mystery."
Back to Books blog
"An enjoyable little mystery...Well-written and, needless to say, action-packed. Because of the action and the shortness of the book one might think character suffers, yet Wan has done a good job here as well."
CM Magazine
“Compelling and addictive from the first sentence...Keno’s backstory and personality make him a sympathetic, engaging, and relatable character...A captivating mystery...Highly recommended.”


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