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7 Generations
By author: David A. Robertson   Illustrated by: Scott B. Henderson
ISBN: 9781553793557
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pages: 136
Price: $34.00
An epic four-part graphic novel that follows one Indigenous family over three centuries and seven generations.
A Blanket of Butterflies
By author: Richard Van Camp   Illustrated by: Scott B. Henderson
ISBN: 9781553795483
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pages: 48
Price: $18.95
A graphic novel for teens about truth and family.
A Name Earned
By author: Tim Tingle
ISBN: 9781939053183
Publisher: 7th Generation
Pages: 168
Price: $9.95
Since his father gave up drinking, basketball star Bobby Byington's life is finally on track, but he wishes he could say the same for his girlfriend and a fellow teammate.
Abigail's Wish
By author: Gloria Ann Wesley   Illustrated by: Richard Rudnicki
ISBN: 9781771084390
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pages: 32
Price: $22.95
This children's picture book tells the story of a Black Loyalist's family in the early years of Birchtown, Nova Scotia.
Amik Loves School
By author: Katherena Vermette   Illustrated by: Irene Kuziw
ISBN: 9781553795230
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pages: 24
Price: $9.95
Amik's school is much different than the residential school his moshoom attended.
Belle of Batoche
By author: Jacqueline Guest
ISBN: 9781551432977
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $7.95
Belle must put aside her struggle to become the church bell ringer when those she loves are threatened during the battle of Batoche, part of the Riel Rebellion.
By author: David A. Robertson   Illustrated by: Scott B. Henderson
ISBN: 9781553795445
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pages: 32
Price: $16.00
A tragic true story of the brutal murder of one Indigenous woman.
Billy Buckhorn Abnormal
By author: Gary Robinson
ISBN: 9781939053077
Publisher: 7th Generation
Pages: 172
Price: $9.95
After surviving a lightning strike, Cherokee teen Billy Buckhorn discovers he has supernatural powers.
Billy Buckhorn Paranormal
By author: Gary Robinson
ISBN: 9781939053084
Publisher: 7th Generation
Pages: 120
Price: $9.95
Billy Buckhorn’s adventures continue when he survives being struck by lightning.
Billy Buckhorn Supranormal
By author: Gary Robinson
ISBN: 9781939053121
Publisher: 7th Generation
Pages: 128
Price: $9.95
Awakened after untold centuries, the serpent Uktena wanders the land in search of the two ancient stones that, together, will give him limitless power—and only Billy Buckhorn and his friend Chigger can stop him.
Blueberry Patch / Mayabeekamneeboon
By (author): Jennifer Leason   Translated by: Norman Chartrand
ISBN: 9781926886589
Publisher: Theytus Books
Pages: 32
Price: $19.95
In this dual-language book, the story of how Indigenous people harvested berries and how that tradition continues to this day.
Chuck in the City
By author: Jordan Wheeler   Illustrated by: Christopher Auchter
ISBN: 9781894778817
Publisher: Theytus Books Ltd.
Pages: 32
Price: $8.95
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