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Jacob and the Mandolin Adventure
By (author): Anne Dublin
ISBN: 9781772601626
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 232
Price: $10.95
An American benefactor sponsors a musical group of Jewish orphans to travel from Poland to a new life in Canada.
The Tailor Project
By (author)s: Nicole Bryck, Paula Draper, Andrea Knight   Foreword by: Larry Enkin   Introduction by: Harold Troper
ISBN: 9781772601442
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 320
Price: $29.95
The story of the approximately 2,500 Jewish tailors and their families who immigrated to Canada between 1948 and 1949 with the help of the Garment Workers’ Scheme after surviving the Holocaust.
At Great Risk
ISBN: 9781989719107
Publisher: The Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 365
Price: $17.95
Holocaust survivors write about how they were rescued by those who refused to stand by during the war.
Escape from the Edge
By (author): Morris Schnitzer
ISBN: 9781989719114
Publisher: Azrieli Foundation
Pages: 192
Price: $14.95
A memoir of a German Jewish teenager who takes on three different identities and crosses countless borders to escape death at the hands of the Nazis during World War II.
Beep Beep Bubbie
By (author): Bonnie Sherr Klein   Illustrated by: Élisabeth Eudes-Pascal
ISBN: 9781926890234
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pages: 32
Price: $17.95
A story about the relationship between a grandmother and her grandchildren when she gets a motorized scooter.
Fish Out of Water
By (author): Joanne Levy
ISBN: 9781459826595
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $10.95
In this high-interest novel for middle readers, a twelve-year-old boy is frustrated that he’s not able to do the things he loves because they’re too “girly.”
The Brushmaker's Daughter
By (author): Kathy Kacer
ISBN: 9781772601381
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 120
Price: $10.95
Set in Berlin, Germany in 1939 a Jewish girl and her blind father try to avoid arrest by the Nazis with the help of a real-life upstander, German businessman Otto Weidt.
By (author): Eli Rubenstein   With:
ISBN: 9781772601497
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 152
Price: $32.95
Remarkable stories and photographs that bear witness to the Holocaust from the much-respected organization The March of the Living. An address by Steven Spielberg is included in new Afterword for new edition, released to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII.
The Brave Princess and Me
By (author): Kathy Kacer   Illustrated by: Juliana Kolesova
ISBN: 9781772601022
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 32
Price: $18.95
In 1943 Greece, young Tilde Cohen and her mother are Jewish and on the run from the Nazis. When they arrive unannounced on Princess Alice’s doorstep, begging her to shelter them, the Princess’s kindness is put to the test. Based on the true story.
Double Trouble
By (author): Joanne Levy
ISBN: 9781459821330
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 144
Price: $9.95
In this high-interest novel for middle readers, twelve-year-old Victoria pretends she has an identical twin sister.
The Vegetable Museum
By (author): Michelle Mulder
ISBN: 9781459816794
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 192
Price: $10.95
In this middle-grade novel, thirteen-year-old Chloë learns about her family’s history while helping her grandfather in his garden.
All About Anne
Created by:    Illustrated by: Huck Scarry
ISBN: 9781772600605
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 72
Price: $24.95
In this nonfiction book for middle-grade readers, Anne Frank's life story is told by answering the most frequently asked questions from young people at the Anne Frank House Museum, with detailed photographs and illustrations.
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