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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 168
Themes: foster care, dementia, Indigenous, grandparents, family
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 17/Sep/2019
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Lucky loves her grandparents, and they are all the family she really has. True, her grandmother forgets things...like turning the stove off, or Lucky's name. But her grandfather takes such good care of them that Lucky doesn't realize how bad things are. That is until he's gone. When her grandma accidentally sets the kitchen on fire, Lucky can't hide what's happening any longer, and she is sent into foster care. She quickly learns that some families are okay. Some aren't. And some really, really aren't.

Is it possible to find a home again when the only one you've ever known has been taken from you?

CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“Any young person who has a grandparent (or even, a parent) who is presenting symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s will certainly understand Lucky’s sadness at Grandma’s memory losses. And for kids who are in the foster care system, Just Lucky offers a story that is both reality and hope.

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