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(Stuff We All Get)
French Ages 9-12
Pages: 128
Themes: music, synesthesia, celebrity culture
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Nov/2012
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Zack a quinze ans. Il a ?t? exclu de l'?cole et il s'ennuie. N'importe quelle activit? serait la bienvenue. Lorsque sa m?re l'am?ne faire de la g?ocache, Zack trouve un CD portant l'inscription ? C?l?bre ?. Lorsqu'il l'?coute, la musique l'?blouit. Zack fait de la synesth?sie : il voit des couleurs lorsqu'il entend de la musique et celle-ci lui fait voir d'incroyables motifs color?s. Zack devient obs?d? par la fille qui chante sur le CD et d?cide qu'il doit la trouver.

Suspended from school, lonely and bored, fifteen-year-old Zack will do anything for amusement. His mom drags him out geocaching, and Zach finds a CD with the word Famous written across it. He puts the CD in his stereo and loses himself in the music. Zack has sound-color synesthesia. He sees colors when he hears music, and the music on the Famous CD causes incredible patterns of color for him. Zack becomes obsessed with the girl on the CD and decides he has to find her.

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