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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 170
Themes: psychological thriller, impaired driving, mystery
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pub Date: 15/Jan/2016
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When Libby wakes up in the hospital, she’s told she’s going to be charged in an accident that has left an innocent victim clinging to life. But Libby can remember none of it. She can’t even remember the guy who keeps sending her flowers and acting like he’s her boyfriend.

With the help of her best friend, Libby pieces together the events of the tragic evening. As memories start trickling through, she begins to realize that what she’s been told may not be what happened at all. But is she prepared for a truth that is darker than the fiction?


White Pine Award  | 2014 | Winner
Ann Connor Brimer Award  | 2013 | Winner
SYRCA Snow Willow  | 2014 | Winner
Arthur Ellis Award nominee  | 2013 | Short-listed
CCBC Best Books  | 2013 | Commended

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