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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 176
Themes: death, grief, family
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2011
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Fourteen-year-old Alex's life is in ruins. Her family ripped apart by unspeakable tragedy, she is stuck on Brier Island for the summer with her aunt. At first, Alex is desperate to escape this place where everyone's business is public knowledge and there is too much time to think. But the island begins to work its magic, with its quirky characters, rugged landscape and whale-filled ocean, and Alex forms a special bond with an adventurous baby whale she names Daredevil. Through her attachment to Daredevil and the beauty of Brier Island, Alex slowly begins the long journey toward healing. But everything changes when Alex is suddenly thrown into a life-or-death struggle. Can she find the courage and the strength to save Daredevil—and herself?

Musings of a Book Nerd blog - April 15, 2012
"[A] wonderfully thrilling tale of self-discovery and friendship...This book will leave you feeling warm inside and waiting for more, and is a necessity for everyone’s bookshelf."
The Door Is Ajar blog - February 8, 2012
"There is a ton to love about this book—it's very beautifully written, with a sensitivity that never gets too sentimental and overwrought...Yhard does some wonderful descriptive work with the setting—it sounds so beautiful and wild."
One Book Per Week blog - December 23, 2011
"Alex is a complex and imperfect character—just like most teenagers you know. Viewing the adult world through her eyes was a poignant reminder of the angst, confusion and naivety of those young years...With a great balance of personal, social and ecological lessons, Lost on Brier Island is a fantastic and inspiring read for the young or young-at-heart reader on your list."
Parents in Touch - December 11, 2011
"An emotional and powerful story, with a stunning setting, and which addresses some complex issues, this is an excellent read for early teens."
Word of Mouse Book Reviews blog - November 17, 2011
"A great read, wholly engaging and so relatable for a young person who is dealing with loss in their lives...Yhard's writing manages to be quite entertaining, warm and moving while dealing with some pretty complex human drama."
Off the Shelf blog - October 18, 2011
"[There's] a beauty and magic about the island which rang true when I read this book. This is a powerful story about a teenager who has lost loved ones and found a way to heal with the help of others."
Lavender Lines blog - September 1, 2011
"Loved everything about this book. The writing, the premise, the setting, the characters. It was a great mix of mystery, sadness, lightness and character development...Lost on Brier Island is the perfect summertime read regardless of your age."
YA Book Shelf blog - June 21, 2011
"Will evoke nostalgia for a place that is familiar to some of the novel's readers or a desire to visit it for the first time. In particular, the animals and flora that inhabit the landscape are sure to be a hit with a younger preteen and teen audience, just as they are with the main character...From the richly-drawn characters and psychologically realistic behaviors to the well-defined setting and plot, Lost On Brier Island will reward readers looking for a contemporary novel that deals with emotionally difficult issues in a thoughtful and realistic way."
by: Alison DeLory, Book Review blog - June 17, 2011
"The folks in this book are likable but not perfect...and I was transported directly into their curious island community, a place I visited once and which struck me then, as it did now, as a special and mysterious place....[The novel] builds gradually to a suspenseful ending that is somehow both imperfect yet just right...Will appeal equally to the young and not-so-young adult reader, in which the kids are treated as multi-dimensional, real people."
Atlantic Books Today - May 1, 2011
"Yhard skillfully tackles sensitive subjects and delivers an intriguing and uplifting story with important messages about self-identity and acceptance...A wonderful story with something to offer audiences of all ages."


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