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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 135
Themes: Black, afrofuturist, nonbinary, adventure, survival
Publisher: Flamingo Rampant
Pub Date: 25/Jan/2022
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Meet Yren: a 12 year-old Black, non-binary kid growing up in the safety of The Village during the time After the Fall. Yren never wanted to be special, but the Universe had other plans. Together with their sibling Augi, Yren navigates the development of their unusual extra-sensory abilities and their feelings of grief and guilt following a tragic accident that takes their parents. Exploring these strange and exciting new powers will take Yren outside the safety of the life they’ve known and into a perilous adventure. The journey begins here, in Book One of the new series Metratron’s Children by Chy Ryan Spain.

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