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Hermit Hill
By (author)s: Mike Deas, Nancy Deas
ISBN: 9781459831490
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 192
Price: $14.95
In this graphic novel for early middle readers, the youngest member of a ragtag crew of kids feels left out of a big project and finds himself a group of magical moon creatures to lord over.
On the Line
By (author)s: Paul Coccia, Eric Walters
ISBN: 9781459827134
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 312
Price: $12.95
In this novel for middle readers, thirteen-year-old basketball star Jordan Ryker learns that his father is gay.
Valley of the Rats
ISBN: 9781770866287
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 240
Price: $13.95
When Krish and his father take a camping trip to Ladakh, he convinces himself they’ll bond, despite Krish’s fear of germs and the outdoors. They become lost in a storm and stumble upon the hidden village of Imdura. The Imdurans are very secretive and can’t let Kabir and Krish expose their existence to outsiders.
It's A Hit!
By (author)s: Arin Barth, Marika Barth
ISBN: 9781999156299
Publisher: Flamingo Rampant
Pages: 150
Price: $12.95
After Wil comes out as a trans boy, his dad wants him to have the experiences he loved - including baseball camp. Wil doesn't know anything about baseball, but Taylor, the athletic son of queer moms, is determined that Wil get a hit before the summer ends.
Metatron's Children
By (author): Chy Ryan Spain   Illustrated by: Sydney Kuhne
ISBN: 9781999156275
Publisher: Flamingo Rampant
Pages: 135
Price: $12.95
Meet Yren: a 12 year-old Black, non-binary kid growing up in the safety of The Village during the time After the Fall. Yren never wanted to be special, but the Universe had other plans. Exploring these strange and exciting new powers will take Yren outside the safety of the life they’ve known and into a perilous adventure.
Sorry For Your Loss
By (author): Joanne Levy
ISBN: 9781459827073
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 264
Price: $10.95
In this novel for middle readers, twelve-year-old Evie befriends a boy who is grieving the loss of both his parents.
Ciel In All Directions
By (author): Sophie Labelle   Translated by: Andrea Zanin
ISBN: 9781772602036
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 192
Price: $11.95

Life is anything but ordinary for non-binary trans teen Ciel and their friends Stephie and Liam, from growing their YouTube channel to campaigning for their school’s LGBT Alliance!

A Terrible Tide
By (author): Suzanne Meade
ISBN: 9781772602111
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 208
Price: $11.95

When an earthquake and tidal wave batters Newfoundland’s Burin Peninsula and destroys her family’s home, thirteen-year-old Celia must dig deep for courage she didn’t know she had.

Houston, Is There A Problem?
By (author): Eric Walters
ISBN: 9781459828735
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 256
Price: $10.95
In this novel for middle readers, thirteen-year-old Houston Williams is offered an opportunity to attend a prestigious NASA space camp.
Guardians of Porthaven
By (author): Shane Arbuthnott
ISBN: 9781459827042
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 336
Price: $14.95
In this science-fiction novel for middle readers, just as fifteen-year-old Malcolm prepares to take on the traditional role of Guardian of his city, he learns some shocking truths about his family.
Be Your Own Best Friend FOREVER!
By (author): Gary Robinson
ISBN: 9781939053343
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Pages: 40
Price: $17.95
A confidence-building book for young girls, particularly those from a diverse community or heritage.
By (author): Valerie Sherrard
ISBN: 9781770866133
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pages: 184
Price: $13.95
A twelve-year old boy copes with his mother’s mental illness with the help of a talking—and possibly magic—bird, and friends he finds in unexpected places.
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