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Severn and the Day She Silenced the World
Illustrated by: Janet Wilson
ISBN: 9781927583234
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 184
Price: $14.95
The story behind Severn Suzuki's speech at the 1992 Earth Summit
Shannen and the Dream for a School
Illustrated by: Janet Wilson
ISBN: 9781926920306
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 132
Price: $14.95
Based on the true story of Shannen Koostachin and the people of Attawapiskat, a Cree community just below the Arctic Circle, who have been fighting for a new school since 1979, when a fuel spill contaminated their original school building.
Skywatcher's Companion
By (author): Stan Shadick
ISBN: 9781894974363
Publisher: Heritage House Publishing
Pages: 48
Price: $9.95
Stan Shadick’s Skywatcher’s Companion is a classic guide for orienting novice stargazers to the heavens.
Speaking Our Truth
By (author): Monique Gray Smith
ISBN: 9781459815834
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 160
Price: $29.95
This nonfiction book examines how we can foster reconciliation with Indigenous people at individual, family, community and national levels.
The Grizzly Mother
By (author): Gyetxw Hetxw'ms (Brett D. Huson)   Illustrated by: Natasha Donovan
ISBN: 9781553797760
Publisher: Portage & Main
Pages: 32
Price: $23.00
Vivid illustrations explore the life cycle of grizzly bears.
The Smart Princess
ISBN: 9781896764900
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 148
Price: $9.95
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