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Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: comedy, surprise
Publisher: Tuckamore
Pub Date: 01/09/2011
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Miss Wondergem's Bakery, coming quite soon! In fact, it will open tomorrow at noon! There's a brand new bakery in town, and no one could be happier about it than Verna, Myrna and Bradley McGrew. As much as they love their mother, the McGrew children dread what comes out of her kitchen—and with very good reason. But when the three young McGrews meet the new bakery's owner, they're in for a most unpleasant surprise.

CM Magazine - January 27, 2012
"A cute little story about putting things into proper perspective...The text of this story, written by Valerie Sherrard, is quite fun. The rhyming scheme throughout the book is simple, and it flows easily from one page to the next, making this an excellent story to read aloud. The illustrations by Wendy J. Whittingham are also very playful...The text and illustrations work well together to create a lighthearted and playful story that has a delightfully unexpected and ghoulish twist to it. Readers will enjoy following the McGrew children through their terrible experiences with food, and they will have fun seeing what happens to not only the children in the end, but to Miss Wondergem as well. Highly Recommended."

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