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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 128
Themes: Bullying, betrayal, viral video, alienation, social anxiety, cliques, revenge
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2013
Fry Reading Level: 4.1
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When quiet, shy Addie is lured into the woods, she is convinced she is going to die. She quickly finds out that there are worse things than terror—things like betrayal at the hands of her best friend and public humiliation in front of the entire school.

Neely, Addie's ex-best friend, is tired of the same old life and the same old friends. She is ready to take some chances to re-invent herself. Is she also ready to win new friends at the expense of old ones?

There are two sides to every story, and it's impossible to know the truth until you've heard them both. But sometimes you don't ever learn the other side of the story. What drives these two friends apart? Who is right and who is wrong? You'll only know if you read both sides.

Publishers Weekly
"McClintock builds realistic and frightening suspense, and the girls' accounts deliver intense emotion to which teens can relate."
CM Magazine
"A novel about two girls finding their way through the murky territory of high school, the questionable ethics of teenagers, and coming to terms with emotions that are seemingly beyond control...It covers topics that are relevant to today’s youth and lets readers know that, if they are in a similar situation, they aren’t alone."
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"McClintock, known for her strong writing on tough teen issues, reveals the less than clear-cut nature of judging human motivations...A thoughtful yet quick read that identifies with the hardest of teen emotions: betrayal, and the unique—not kid/not adult—world they inhabit. Students who need to understand both sides of conflict will benefit from reading this book."


CCBC Best Books  | 2014 | Commended

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