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A Memoir
Adult Nonfiction
Pages: 280
Themes: friendship, relationships, press secretary, life story, London
Publisher: Cormorant Books
Pub Date: 31/Mar/2020
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For a girl born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, in the 1930s, Prudence Emery has had quite the life. Best known for her years as a film publicist (working with, to name but a few, David Cronenberg, Jodie Foster, Beau Bridges, Rob Lowe, Peter O'Toole and Raymond Burr), she was previously a press secretary for the Savoy Hotel in London, UK, in the 1960s. While at the Savoy, she saw the greats of earlier years, such as Noël Coward, and the bright young stars of the day, including Petula Clark.

Throughout her glamorous life, Prudence Emery had a gift for friendship, and it is these lasting relationships that create the intimate fabric of the story of a life lived very well.

Here and Now CBC
“Live life fearlessly and pursue happiness. How's that for an antidote to these hushed times? That's the feeling you get on reading Nanaimo Girl, a new memoir by author Prudence Emery, chronicling escapades and adventures with a wild cast of characters over many decades. Author Prudence Emery spoke to host Gill Deacon joins on Here and Now's Tuesday afternoon Book Club.”
Times Colonist
“Emery is a natural storyteller, which serves her well in Nanaimo Girl. Recently published by Toronto’s Cormorant Books imprint, the book covers Emery’s life to date, but really soars as she pinballs from 1957 to 1975 between Canada and England.”
NOW Magazine
“These are bleak times for sure, so a memoir from someone who merrily defied expectations is welcome. Nanaimo-born Prudence Emery thumbed her nose at her parents’ stodgy demands, decamped to art school in London and later worked in the press office at the Savoy Hotel. There she developed the art of partying with the rich and famous, until she realized her excesses may prove too dangerous and moved back to Canada. Although she settled in Victoria, she, happily, never really settled down. All of this she recalls in amusing detail, while insisting we all live life fearlessly and pursue true happiness.”
CTV Vancouver Island
“While the book is filled with details about the famous, it’s told with the delight of a Nanaimo girl whose first full spoken sentence — according to its first chapter — was ‘Isn’t it funny.’”
The Ormsby Review
“While recounting events that chronicle her personal life, the reader is left with a dizzying array of interlocking stories that culminate in — if you'll excuse the phrase — one hell of a life.”

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