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A story about self-esteem
Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 24
Themes: courage, bullying, self-esteem, cycling, bikes
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2015
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Shaun is strong enough to know that even things that don't come easily can be mastered through determination and work. Learning to ride his two-wheeler, he overcomes fear and teasing and manages to impress friends and bullies alike. From the I’m A Great Little Kid series developed by BOOST Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention Center to teach kids communication, self-esteem-building and other important skills.

CM Magazine
"There is a simplicity to this book that makes it a great read. It’s not trying to be clever or tricky, and it never feels like the moral of the story is being pushed on the reader either. The story flows nicely from beginning to end, and I liked that there were two characters each facing a different problem: one the physical barrier of riding a bike, and the other an emotional turmoil over being a good friend. The interplay and resolution of these storylines make for a satisfying end to the book...Highly Recommended."

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