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Spanish Ages 12+
Pages: 160
Themes: Family relationships, crime, expectations
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Nov/2011
Fry Reading Level: 2.6
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Ria es bonita, rica, delgada y popular. Si s?lo la conocieras de la escuela, pensar?as que tiene una vida de ensue?o. Pero de repente todo cambia para ella. El matrimonio supuestamente perfecto de sus padres se ha roto y antes de que Ria tenga tiempo de hacerse a la idea, su padre desaparece en un accidente a?reo. Y todo empeora cuando empiezan los rumores de que tal vez ?l no era el hombre-ni el padre-que todos cre?an. Ria decide que tiene que tomar medidas desesperadas para protegerse a s? misma, a su hermano menor y la reputaci?n de su padre.

Ria is rich, slim, pretty, popular. You'd think she led a charmed life-and until recently you'd have been right. But her situation has taken a sudden, unfortunate change. Her parents' seemingly perfect marriage has broken up, and before she's had a chance to absorb the blow, her beloved father disappears in a plane crash. What's worse, rumors begin to surface that he may have perpetrated a multimillion-dollar investment scam and everybody-Ria's mother, her best friends, even her boyfriend-believes them. Ria sees no choice but to take her little brother and run. She vows to keep the memory of her father alive. Soon, though, she begins to wonder: is her memory playing tricks on her-or is he?

Tri State YA Book Review Committee
"The plot, characters, conflicts and theme will resound with teenagers everywhere...[Grant's] writing style is wonderful, and she captures the voice of a confused teen well. The bilingual audience will enjoy this translation."

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