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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 24
Themes: beach, swimming, water fun
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Pub Date: 04/Jul/2018
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On My Swim, the fourth in a popular under-five series, is another delightful collaboration between Winters and Leist. Set on the waterfront in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, this book features a very young child frolicking on the beach and learning to swim. Toddlers will take delight in this whimsically illustrated rhyming story.

Kirkus Reviews
"In muted blues and browns, a multiracial family travels to the beach. The young toddler narrator can hear the breeze, see a bird catch a fish, feel the sand, and see a wave. The illustrations are simple and fun and may extend a storytime with opportunities to seek and find objects throughout the book."
CM Magazine
"Simple language and catchy rhythms offer children a pleasant exposure to positive outdoor activities. The illustrator uses a combination of deeper colors for the family and their dog, but muted pastels for the sea, birds, the beach and all the detritus strewn about, and the effect is calming and inviting."

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