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How kids are Making a Difference
NF Picture Book
Pages: 32
Themes: activism, human rights, social justice
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 15/Sep/2014
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Biographies of ten children from around the world who opened up their hearts and minds to the injustices of the world and took action, changing their world for the better. In addition to the ten main profiles, sidebars feature many more children. Included is eleven-year-old Andrew Adansi-Bonnah from Ghana, who raised thousands of dollars for refugee children in Somalia after seeing their desperate situation covered in the news. Another child profiled is twelve-year-old Mimi Ausland from the United States, nicknamed “Dr. Doolittle” by her family. After learning about the shortage of food for shelter animals, she started a website to collect donations of dog and cat food; her site is now one of the most visited animal-rescue websites in the world. These children never set out to be heroes or to become famous, but they are role-models for us all.

Kirkus Reviews
"Themes of bullying, class bias and others may overlap with those in Wilson's previous work...but that doesn't make these stories any less inspirational. The swift portraits seize readers, leaving them not only wanting to know more, but to do more. An admirable effort to engage today's youth."
CM Magazine
"An excellent choice for discussions among young people anxious to right some wrongs. Highly Recommended."

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