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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 112
Themes: anxiety, dangers of perfectionism, dealing with divorce, friendship, self-esteem
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 23/Jun/2020
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Ever since her parents got divorced, Pia has worked hard to make sure everything in her life is Perfect, with a capital P. But everything keeps going wrong. She and her sister get into a fight. Pia falls down the stairs and hurts her ankle. She spills chocolate milk all over her lucky outfit. She accidentally studied for the wrong test. And her best friend still isn’t speaking to her since she got mad at him for throwing her a surprise birthday party. Now Pia has a big race this afternoon and she’s pretending her ankle is fine. But she has to win the race. She has to!

Orca Book Publishers is proud to offer this early ebook edition as part of our new Digital First initiative, with the release of the print edition to follow.

Kirkus Reviews
“Simple vocabulary, short chapters, and quick pacing make this slice-of-life story a great high-interest, low–reading level option for struggling readers.”
CM: Canadian Review of Materials
“A solid example of a high-interest low-reading-level book done well. This novel has heart...New enhanced print features, such as a dyslexia-friendly font, increased spacing between words and lines, and cream-coloured paper to minimize contrast, are all effective in improving reading accessibility for striving readers.”
School Library Journal
“These quality, relatable novels are ideal for students at the middle school level who benefit from ultra-readable formats.”

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