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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 208
Themes: family, rebellion, bowling
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Jun/2005
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Rooster Cobb is in trouble--with his school, with his mother, with his girlfriend. He smokes too much and he hates his stepfather. In fact, he might not graduate from high school. But he just doesn't seem to care. That is until the guidance counselor and the principal come up with a plan to get Rooster through grade twelve, out of their lives forever and possibly on the right track with his life. The last thing Rooster wants to do is coach The Strikers, a bowling team of special-needs adults, especially when he finds out he's going to be mentored by the most unpopular girl in school, the principal's daughter, Elma. When he starts to take coaching seriously, his friends make fun of him, and his girlfriend accuses him of taking the easy way out. But when one of The Strikers dies unexpectedly, Rooster discovers there are as many ways to be a hero as there are ways to mess up.

2006 New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age list
CM Magazine
"An easy and delightful read, especially for older boys who are not regular readers. Recommended."
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"Trembath has achieved the difficult challenge of writing a book about emotions with considerable potential appeal for boys."


CCBC Our Choice  | 2006 | Commended
New York Public Library's Books for the Teen Age  | 2006 | Commended
White Pine nominee  | 2006 | Short-listed
Stellar Award nominee  | 2007 | Long-listed

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