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Fiction Picture Book
Pages: 24
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 01/Mar/2010
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Sandy loves visiting her grandpa's house by the beach every summer. She and her dog Pepper play in the sand and surf, chasing the seagulls. But on this day her walk on the beach is ruined when she comes across the garbage left over from someone else's picnic—pop cans, half-eaten hot-dog buns, and even a yellow mustard container. Angry, Sandy can't understand why anyone would want to dirty her beautiful beach. She and Pepper are startled by the arrival of the 'Garbage Lady,' who helps pick up the mess. The Garbage Lady explains to Sandy that everyone has an ecological footprint—the mark they leave on the world—and that it is their responsibility to shrink it. Sandy is impressed and runs home to tell her grandpa. A wonderful introduction to environmental responsibility, the book ends with a list of everyday ways we can all shrink our footprint. Fittingly illustrated with a unique collage technique using recycled materials.

CM Magazine
"By exploring the impact of a pile of garbage on a pristine seashore, this picture book engages readers in thinking about all the choices they make every day and their impact on the environment...Nature is very much alive in this picture book! The contrasting colours and textures represented in the various collages add dimension and interest as well as visual appeal to the story…Highly Recommended."
Publishers Weekly
"[A] visually striking book...Steele-Card’s layered constructions, made from recycled and natural materials, are eye-catching."
Midwest Book Review
"A wonderful eco-book that teaches kids and adults a variety of ways in which we all can shrink our footprint on the earth…Brilliantly colorful multimedia (recycled materials) collage illustrations underline the message."
School Library Journal
"This title makes a strong case for kids as crusaders in caring for the Earth."
Non-Toxic Kids blog
"This book is simple, clear and not preachy. The illustrations give life to the story, and provide some clues of developing knowledge beyond the literal. For example, the pictures of the earth clearly illustrate what can happen to the earth if we don't take care of it, and what will happen if we do."
"As charming and well-executed the writing is, the illustrations by Adrianna Steele-Card make the book a joy to read."
Library of Clean Reads blog
"At the end of the story, there's a list of 12 things children can do. We discussed each one and why doing them would help take better care of our earth. Later in the week, I overheard my son tell his sister not to let the water run while she brushed her teeth...All this to say my children have become more aware of how their actions affect our earth."
Canadian Children's Book News
"This delightful picture book depicts the exuberance and enthusiasm of a child first realizing her power to help preserve the environment."
Resource Links
"A great resource for teachers and parents to introduce tactile ways of implementing environmental responsibility...The illustrations are very original and fitting, made from collages of natural and recycled materials, including birch bark, leaves, and other elements of nature. Bright and full of depth, they are also visually appealing."


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