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Salamander Rescue
By (author)s:   Pamela McDowell, Pamela McDowell   Illustrated bys:   Kasia Charko, Kasia Charko
ISBN:  9781459811232
Price: $6.95
In this early chapter book set in Waterton Lakes National Park, Cricket and her friends help a band of long-toed salamanders safely migrate across the road to Crandell Mountain.

You Can Read Digital Audiobook
By (author):   Helaine Becker   Narrator:   Christian Down
ISBN:  9781459817654
Price: $4.99
In this picture book, two young children discover that reading can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere.

Gaawin Gindaaswin Ndaawsii / I Am Not A Number
By (author)s:   Dr. Jenny Kay Dupuis, Dr. Jenny Kay Dupuis, Kathy Kacer, Kathy Kacer   Illustrated bys:   Gillian Newland, Gillian Newland   Translated bys:   Muriel Sawyer, Muriel Sawyer, Geraldine McLeod, Geraldine McLeod
ISBN:  9781772600995
Price: $14.95
An incredibly important book that explains how Indigenous children were removed from their homes and taken to residential schools. This book will help start discussions with children about residential schools and the reconciliation process.
Island Morning
By (author)s:   Rachna Gilmore, Rachna Gilmore   Illustrated bys:   Brenda Jones, Brenda Jones
ISBN:  9781927502518
Price: $19.95
A gentle story of a girl and her grandfather’s early-morning walk.

Tunnels of Terror
By (author):   Mary Harelkin Bishop
ISBN:  9781550501933
Price: $8.95
Andrea goes back to Moose Jaw, and back to the tunnels of the past, this time to help break up a theft ring made up of some surprising criminals.

Living Rough
By (author)s:   Cristy Watson, Cristy Watson
ISBN:  9781554694341
Price: $9.95
Poe, a homeless young teen, struggles to keep his living situation a secret.

Old Photographs
By (author):   Sherie Posesorski
ISBN:  9781897187784
Price: $10.95
Phoebe's summer gets a whole lot more interesting when she stumbles upon a crime and gets to team up with her secret crush to solve it. Plus, solving the mystery of a break-in at her elderly neighbor's house takes her mind off her own mixed-up family life.

Thunder on the Plains
By (author)s:   Gary Robinson, Gary Robinson
ISBN:  9781939053008
Price: $9.95
A middle-school Native boy deals with the loss of his father by attending a summer survival camp.

Hoop Crazy
By (author):   Eric Walters
ISBN:  9781554696376
Price: $5.99
A nerd joins Nick and Kia's team.

Overdrive Digital Audiobook
By (author):   Eric Walters   Narrator:  
ISBN:  9781459819856
Price: $9.99
When Jake is involved in a street-racing accident, he struggles to do the right thing.

Babies of the Great Bear Rainforest
Photographs by:   Ian McAllister
ISBN:  9781459821682
Price: $4.99
In this photographic board book, readers are introduced to the baby animals born each spring in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Diwali Lights Read-Along
By (author):   Rina Singh
ISBN:  9781459822559
Price: $9.99
A dazzling board book that introduces little ones to the Indian festival of Diwali through a selection of brilliant sights and sounds.

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