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Messy Miranda
By Author: Jeff Szpirglas, Danielle Saint-Onge   Illustrated by: Dave Whamond
ISBN:  9781459801172
Price: $6.95
Miranda can't seem to get a handle on the mess in her desk, until she finds a magical solution to her problem.

Coming Clean
By Author: Jeff Ross
ISBN:  9781459803312
Price: $9.95
Rob wants to be a DJ, but when a girl overdoses during his first gig and his brother is implicated, Rob realizes he could lose everything.

Stolen Words
By Author: Melanie Florence   Illustrated by: Gabrielle Grimard
ISBN:  9781772600377
Price: $17.95
In this picture book a little girl sets out to help her grandfather discover the Cree language that was stolen from him when he was sent away to residential school as a boy.

A Distinguished Old Bently Drove Down to the Sea
By Author: Lisa Rae   Illustrated by: Peter Pickersgill
ISBN:  9781897174050
Price: $8.95

Where Do Babies Come From?
By Author: Dr. Jillian Roberts   Illustrated by: Cindy Revell
ISBN:  9781459809444
Price: $4.99
A gentle and engaging introduction to the basic facts of life.

Orphan Ahwak
By Author: Raquel Rivera
ISBN:  9781554695164
Price: $6.99
Orphan Ahwak is determined to become a hunter and to find a place in an often hostile and terrifying world.

101 Ways to Dance
By Author: Kathy Stinson
ISBN:  9781897187104
Price: $10.95

By Author: Rachel Dunstan Muller
ISBN:  9781554695416
Price: $7.99
On a caving trip with his older brother, Byron discovers a new cave but has to make some life-or-death decisions when his brother is seriously injured.

By Author: Rina Singh
ISBN:  9781459810099
Price: $9.99
Enlivened by personal stories, Diwali illuminates and celebrates how Hindu, Sikh and Jain traditions are kept alive in the modern world in this work of nonfiction for middle readers.

As a Boy
By Author: 
ISBN:  9781772600162
Price: $18.95
Thought-provoking pictures of boys around the world and a look at the privileges and expectations that come with being a boy.

The Bonemender's Oath
By Author: Holly Bennett
ISBN:  9781554697359
Price: $7.99
In this sequel to The Bonemender, Gabrielle and her brother Tristan fight to keep safe those they care for and to find a place for love in their lives.

Tokyo Girl
By Author: Brian Harvey
ISBN:  9781459810785
Price: $4.99
Frank Ryan navigates the unfamiliar culture and structure of Tokyo.

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