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Across the Floor
By author: Natasha Deen
ISBN:  9781459809222
Price: $7.99
In this high-interest novel for teen readers, football player Luc is forced to take a dance class, where he discovers an unexpected new passion.

TJ and the Rockets
By author: Hazel Hutchins
ISBN:  9781551433004
Price: $4.99
Can TJ build a working rocket in time for the science fair?

Ghost Voyages
By author: Cora Taylor
ISBN:  9781550501971
Price: $7.95
Using a magical magnifying glass and stamps his grandfather left him, Jeremy can travel back in time to the decks of sailing ships from Canada's past.

The Big Tree Gang
By author: Jo Ellen Bogart   Illustrated by: Dean Griffiths
ISBN:  9781551433455
Price: $6.95
A pair of twins and their two best friends have a series of adventures together in their small woodland town.

By author: Chris Struyk-Bonn
ISBN:  9781459804753
Price: $12.95
Whisper, a teen girl with a cleft palate, is forced to survive in a world that is hostile to those with disfigurements or disabilities.

Franny and the Music Girl
By author: Emily Hearn   Illustrated by: Mark Thurman
ISBN:  9780929005034
Price: $4.95

The Patched Heart
By author: H.E. Stewart
ISBN:  9780969385257
Price: $19.95
A story of a brave puppy whose delight in life contributes to his own healing. A tale of going to the hospital to get well, of friendship and its power to heal.

I, Bruno
By author: Caroline Adderson   Illustrated by: Helen Flook
ISBN:  9781551435015
Price: $6.95
A series of stories for young readers about a boy with a strong personality and a rich imagination.

By author: Norah McClintock
ISBN:  9781551435114
Price: $9.95
When David's stepfather is murdered, he knows more than he is telling.

TJ and the Sports Fanatic
By author: Hazel Hutchins
ISBN:  9781551434612
Price: $5.95
TJ finds out that there's more to football than passes, punts, and touchdowns.

Seal Song
By author: Andrea Spalding   Illustrated by: Pascal Milelli
ISBN:  9781554692422
Price: $19.95
Finn's friend Sheila, a magical selkie and shape changer, dives into the sea to rescue him from a storm, but in doing so, she gives up her life as a girl and returns to being a seal.

El blanco
By author: Sarah N. Harvey
ISBN:  9781554693177
Price: $9.95
Tras la muerte de su tía, Emily descubre que su vida ha sido una gran mentira y tiene que buscar la verdad sobre su identidad y su origen.

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