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Reading Power, Revised and Expanded
By (author):   Adrienne Gear
ISBN:  9781551383101
Price: $24.95
Teaching students to think while they read.

Diwali Lights Read-Along
By (author):   Rina Singh   Read by:   Heather Gould
ISBN:  9781459822559
Price: $9.99
A dazzling board book that introduces little ones to the Indian festival of Diwali through a selection of brilliant sights and sounds.

Patrick's Wish
By (author)s:   Rebecca Upjohn, Life Patrick4, Karen Mitchell
ISBN:  9781897187708
Price: $7.95
This is the true story of Patrick, who was born with hemophilia and contracted HIV through a tainted blood transfusion. Patrick decided to go public with his condition in order to help raise awareness among youth about HIV/AIDS.

The Cul-de-Sac Kids
By (author):   Alison Acheson   Illustrated by:   Elisa Gutierrez
ISBN:  9781896580999
Price: $8.95
A book about parenting and how to be good neighbors.

What is a
By (author)s:   David Booth, Richard Coles
ISBN:  9781551383279
Price: $24.95
Home Sweet Neighborhood
By (author):   Michelle Mulder
ISBN:  9781459816930
Price: $9.99
Part of the nonfiction Orca Footprints series for middle readers, illustrated with many color photographs. Readers will learn how to take an active part in creating the kind of cities they'd like to live in.

My Body My Choice
By (author):   Robin Stevenson
ISBN:  9781459817128
Price: $19.95
This nonfiction book for teens examines the ongoing fight for abortion rights and reproductive justice.

Under a Living Sky
By (author):   Joseph Simons
ISBN:  9781551433554
Price: $5.95
At the height of the Depression, Mary is unlikely to receive new shoes for Christmas but is deeply disappointed to receive a doll crudely sewn from a horse's nosebag instead.

Charlie's Key
By (author):   Rob Mills
ISBN:  9781554698721
Price: $9.95
A young orphan struggles to unlock the significance of an old key left to him by his dying father.

By (author)s:   Kevin Bird, Kirk Savage
ISBN:  9781551382968
Price: $24.95
A math assessment tool that reveals learning and informs teaching.
Zoe's Extraordinary Holiday Adventures
By (author):   Cristina Minaki
ISBN:  9781897187265
Price: $8.95

Traces of What Was
By (author):   Steve Rotschild
ISBN:  9781897470442
Price: $14.95

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