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My Body My Choice
By (author):   Robin Stevenson
ISBN:  9781459817128
Price: $19.95
This nonfiction book for teens examines the ongoing fight for abortion rights and reproductive justice.

Under a Living Sky
By (author):   Joseph Simons
ISBN:  9781551433554
Price: $5.95
At the height of the Depression, Mary is unlikely to receive new shoes for Christmas but is deeply disappointed to receive a doll crudely sewn from a horse's nosebag instead.

Charlie's Key
By (author):   Rob Mills
ISBN:  9781554698721
Price: $9.95
A young orphan struggles to unlock the significance of an old key left to him by his dying father.

By (author)s:   Kevin Bird, Kirk Savage
ISBN:  9781551382968
Price: $28.95
A math assessment tool that reveals learning and informs teaching.

Zoe's Extraordinary Holiday Adventures
By (author):   Christina Minaki
ISBN:  9781897187265
Price: $8.95
A perfect story for the holiday season!

Easy Street Digital Class Set + License
By (author):   Jeff Ross
ISBN:  9781459829640
Price: $44.95
In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Rob has mixed feelings about his brother, Adam, being released from prison.

Traces of What Was
By (author):   Steve Rotschild
ISBN:  9781897470442
Price: $14.95

Orca Soundings GoReader Vol 3
Edited by:  
ISBN:  9781459801790
Price: $49.95
A portable, pre-loaded MP3 device containing two unabridged audiobooks from the Orca Soundings series.

Fire Fight
By (author):   Jacqueline Guest
ISBN:  9781939053114
Price: $9.95
Far away from home in Banff, Alberta, runaway Native teen Kai Hunter assumes a false identity and does her best to build a new life—while not getting burned by her own lies.

The Diary of Laura's Twin
By (author):   Kathy Kacer
ISBN:  9781897187395
Price: $14.95
A mysterious diary links two girls

One House
By (artist):   Sarah MacNeill
ISBN:  9781459816619
Price: $8.99
This board book, created using mixed media, celebrates a neighborhood of critters coming together to build a house for a mouse.

Shutout Digital Class Set + License
By (author):   Jeff Ross
ISBN:  9781459830677
Price: $44.95
In this high-interest sports novel for young readers, Alex has to figure out who's trying to get him kicked off the hockey team.

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