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Old Photographs
ISBN:  9781897187784
Price: $10.95
Phoebe's summer gets a whole lot more interesting when she stumbles upon a crime and gets to team up with her secret crush to solve it. Plus, solving the mystery of a break-in at her elderly neighbor's house takes her mind off her own mixed-up family life.

Thunder on the Plains
By (author): Gary Robinson
ISBN:  9781939053008
Price: $9.95
A middle-school Native boy deals with the loss of his father by attending a summer survival camp.

Hoop Crazy
By (author): Eric Walters
ISBN:  9781554696376
Price: $5.99
A nerd joins Nick and Kia's team.

Overdrive Digital Audiobook
By (author): Eric Walters   Narrator:
ISBN:  9781459819856
Price: $9.99
When Jake is involved in a street-racing accident, he struggles to do the right thing.

Babies of the Great Bear Rainforest
Photographs by: Ian McAllister
ISBN:  9781459821682
Price: $4.99
In this photographic board book, readers are introduced to the baby animals born each spring in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Diwali Lights Read Along
By (author): Rina Singh
ISBN:  9781459822559
Price: $9.99
A dazzling board book that introduces little ones to the Indian festival of Diwali through a selection of brilliant sights and sounds.

The Nexus Ring
By (author): Maureen Bush
ISBN:  9781550503623
Price: $6.95
Josh and his sister Maddy are returning to Calgary from a vacation on Vancouver Island when a ring Maddy finds on the ferry leads them to thrilling adventures in a magical world.

The Cul-de-Sac Kids
By (author)s: Alison Acheson, Alison Acheson   Illustrated by:  Elisa Gutierrez
ISBN:  9781896580999
Price: $8.95
A book about parenting and how to be good neighbors.

Charlie's Key
By (author): Rob Mills
ISBN:  9781554698721
Price: $9.95
A young orphan struggles to unlock the significance of an old key left to him by his dying father.

Under a Living Sky
By (author): Joseph Simons
ISBN:  9781551433554
Price: $5.95
At the height of the Depression, Mary is unlikely to receive new shoes for Christmas but is deeply disappointed to receive a doll crudely sewn from a horse's nosebag instead.

Patrick's Wish
By (author)s: Rebecca Upjohn, Life Patrick4, Karen Mitchell
ISBN:  9781897187708
Price: $7.95
This is the true story of Patrick, who was born with hemophilia and contracted HIV through a tainted blood transfusion. Patrick decided to go public with his condition in order to help raise awareness among youth about HIV/AIDS.

My Body My Choice
By (author)s: Robin Stevenson, Robin Stevenson
ISBN:  9781459817128
Price: $19.95
This nonfiction book for teens examines the ongoing fight for abortion rights and reproductive justice.

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