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Salamander Rescue
By (author):   Pamela McDowell   Illustrated by:   Kasia Charko
ISBN:  9781459811232
Price: $7.95
In this early chapter book set in Waterton Lakes National Park, Cricket and her friends help a band of long-toed salamanders safely migrate across the road to Crandell Mountain.

On the Trail of the Bushman
By (author):   Anita Daher
ISBN:  9781554690138
Price: $7.95
Junior Canadian Ranger Tommy Toner has a secret, and his guilt is eating away at him and putting his friends in danger.

The Flute
By (author):   Rachna Gilmore   Illustrated by:   Pulak Biswas
ISBN:  9781896580579
Price: $16.95
A beautiful picturebook about a little girl who finds solace in a magic flute by award-winning writer Rachna Gilmore and celebrated illustrator Pulak Biswas.

Sasha and the Wind
By (author):   Rhea Tregebov   Illustrated by:   Helene Desputeaux
ISBN:  9780929005836
Price: $4.95

Jake Reynolds: Chicken or Eagle?
By (author):   Sara Leach
ISBN:  9781554691456
Price: $7.95
Jake dreams of being a superhero, but he's not exactly brave, especially when it comes to the wolves on the island where he and his family are staying.

The Gathering Tree
By (author):   Larry Loyie   With:   Constance Brissenden   Illustrated by:   Heather D. Holmlund
ISBN:  9781894778428
Price: $18.95

Under a Living Sky
By (author):   Joseph Simons
ISBN:  9781551433554
Price: $5.95
At the height of the Depression, Mary is unlikely to receive new shoes for Christmas but is deeply disappointed to receive a doll crudely sewn from a horse's nosebag instead.

Grandmother School
By (author):   Rina Singh   Illustrated by:   Ellen Rooney
ISBN:  9781459819054
Price: $19.95
This brilliantly illustrated picture book tells the story of the Aajibaichi Shala, the Grandmother School, that was opened in Phangane, India, in 2016 to teach local grandmothers how to read and write.

Patrick's Wish
By (author)s:   Rebecca Upjohn, Life Patrick4, Karen Mitchell
ISBN:  9781897187708
Price: $7.95
This is the true story of Patrick, who was born with hemophilia and contracted HIV through a tainted blood transfusion. Patrick decided to go public with his condition in order to help raise awareness among youth about HIV/AIDS.

The Cul-de-Sac Kids
By (author):   Alison Acheson   Illustrated by:   Elisa Gutierrez
ISBN:  9781896580999
Price: $8.95
A book about parenting and how to be good neighbors.

More Baby Wild Animals
Edited by:  
ISBN:  9781772031386
Price: $6.95
A young child's introduction to baby animals in their natural habitat, featuring over forty species and full-color photos.

Kelly's Cabin
By (author):   Linda Smith   Illustrated by:   Zorica Krasulja
ISBN:  9781551434087
Price: $6.95
Kelly looks for someone to share her cardboard cabin.

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