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Oil King Courage
By (author):   Sigmund Brouwer
ISBN:  9781554691975
Price: $9.95
When a pond-hockey tournament takes Gear and his best friend Reuben to communities across the Arctic, Gear helps his friend solve a family mystery and connect to his Inuit heritage.

Bike Thief
By (author):   Rita Feutl
ISBN:  9781459805699
Price: $9.95
Injured in a car accident that killed his parents, Nick and his sister are in foster care. Forced into stealing bikes to repay a debt, Nick gets involved with a violent criminal gang.

The Seven Sequels GoReader Volume 3
Edited by:  
ISBN:  9781459808645
Price: $65.95
This GoReader contains Tin Soldier and Double You.

Two Firsts
By (author):   Constance Backhouse
ISBN:  9781772600933
Price: $24.95
A compelling biography about Bertha Wilson and Claire L’Heureux-Dubé —the two first women judges on the Supreme Court of Canada.

By (author):   Maureen Bush
ISBN:  9781554694549
Price: $5.99
Jane is the quiet, fearful one in a family of extroverts—at least until the Spirit Man in her grandmother's bathroom starts messing with her family.

By (author):   Monique Gray Smith
ISBN:  9781550392098
Price: $19.95
Tilly's message is powerful and universal: when we know and honor ourselves, we are capable of deep healing and of achieving what our hearts most desire.
By (author):   Nikki Tate
ISBN:  9781554697717
Price: $8.99
Spencer is sure someone is doping the racehorses at the stable where he works, but no one will listen to him until he gets some proof.

Amber Fang: Revenge
By (author):   Arthur Slade
ISBN:  9781459822771
Price: $11.99
In the third novel of this series for teen readers, a vampire librarian hunts down a secret organization.

Race Against Time
By (author):   Gail Anderson-Dargatz
ISBN:  9781459808454
Price: $7.99
Small-town journalist Claire Abbott investigates a bomb threat in the local high school in this work of crime fiction.

A Kind of Courage
By (author):   Colleen Heffernan
ISBN:  9781551433585
Price: $12.00
When a young conscientious objector comes to work on her father's farm in 1916, Hattie learns that courage comes in many forms.

Riot Act
By (author):   Diane Tullson
ISBN:  9781459801394
Price: $9.95
Daniel and his friend are caught up in a post-game riot.

Native Athletes in Action!
By (author):   Vincent Schilling
ISBN:  9781939053145
Price: $9.95
A collection of biographies of Native American athletes.

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