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Second Story Press publishes stories that feature strong female characters and explore themes of social justice, human rights, equality and ability issues.

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A Promise of Sweet Tea
By (author): Pinchas Blitt
ISBN: 9781989719152
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 248
Price: $14.95
A memoir about a childhood in a small village in Eastern Europe and its destruction by the Nazis.
A Passport to Reprieve
By (author): Sonia Caplan
ISBN: 9781989719169
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 356
Price: $14.95
The memoir of a young Polish Jewish woman’s escape from the brutality of wartime Poland, right before the destruction of Jewish life in her hometown.
The Unconventional Nancy Ruth
By (author): Ramona Lumpkin
ISBN: 9781772601688
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 392
Price: $24.95
Born into the prominent Jackman family, Nancy Ruth forged her own unique journey as a philanthropist, feminist politician and activist.
The Doll
By (author): Nhung N. Tran-Davies   Illustrated by: Ravy Puth
ISBN: 9781772601657
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 24
Price: $19.95
Two little girls come to North America as refugees, a generation apart, and both are welcomed with the gift of a doll.
When Mom's Away
By (author): Layla Ahmad   Illustrated by: Farida Zaman
ISBN: 9781772601756
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 24
Price: $18.95
A little girl copes with her mother being a frontline healthcare worker during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Case of the Burgled Bundle
By (author): Michael Hutchinson
ISBN: 9781772601664
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 216
Price: $10.95
A ceremonial bundle has been stolen from the National Assembly of Cree Peoples and the Mighty Muskrats must solve the mystery and save the day.
The Great Cookie War
By (author): Caroline Stellings
ISBN: 9781772601732
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 160
Price: $10.95
A middle-grade novel inspired by a true story.
Jacob and the Mandolin Adventure
By (author): Anne Dublin
ISBN: 9781772601626
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 160
Price: $10.95
An American benefactor sponsors a musical group of Jewish orphans to travel from Poland to a new life in Canada.
The Tailor Project
By (author)s: Nicole Bryck, Paula Draper, Andrea Knight   Foreword by: Larry Enkin   Introduction by: Harold Troper
ISBN: 9781772601442
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 320
Price: $29.95
The story of the approximately 2,500 Jewish tailors and their families who immigrated to Canada between 1948 and 1949 with the help of the Garment Workers’ Scheme after surviving the Holocaust.
At Great Risk
ISBN: 9781989719107
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 365
Price: $17.95
Holocaust survivors write about how they were rescued by those who refused to stand by during the war.
Escape from the Edge
By (author): Morris Schnitzer
ISBN: 9781989719114
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 192
Price: $14.95
A memoir of a German Jewish teenager who takes on three different identities and crosses countless borders to escape death at the hands of the Nazis during World War II.
In Dreams Together
By (author): Leslie Fazekas
ISBN: 9781988065694
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pages: 184
Price: $14.95
Deported to Vienna, Austria, during World War II, a Jewish slave laborer writes the details of his life in captivity to his girlfriend, who he yearns to reunite with.
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