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Nonfiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 184
Themes: activists, environmentalism, Severn Suzuki
Publisher: Second Story Press
Pub Date: 01/Apr/2014
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Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s speech at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio caught the attention of the world. As the daughter of environmentalists David Suzuki and Tara Cullis, Severn's concern for the environment was fueled by a trip to the Amazon rainforest at age nine. Back home in Vancouver, she and her friends started ECO, the Environmental Children’s Organization, combining their efforts to raise enough money to travel to Rio. They couldn't have imagined the effect they would have on the adults gathered there. More than twenty years later, Severn's speech continues to receive thousands of hits on YouTube. Severn’s story is about the power that children have to create change when they work together, and how their voices can stand out above the politics and cynicism of adults.

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"Readable and accessible, and it communicates a vital message: not only that kids can accomplish a great deal when they work together, but that it's important for kids to be passionate about the Earth and social justice for the sake of their own futures."
CM Magazine
"Wilson captures the fun and laughter of the girls that she writes about, and their determination to do what they can to make the world a better place. Through skilfully crafted dialogue, the reader becomes present as the girls discuss their club’s initiatives, manufacture gecko pins for sale, and in Brazil, share laughs at the dental-floss like outfits that pass as swimwear. The inclusion of relevant photographs and reproductions of selections from ECO newsletters adds to the sense of immediacy that the book conveys. The epilogue is a welcome addition that briefly tells the situation of the main characters today, more than twenty years following the tumultuous year that culminated in attendance and addresses at the 1992 Earth Summit. Highly Recommended."
Reading Today Online
This title is perfect for sharing with jaded middle graders who no longer think they can make a difference in the world and feel powerless.
ETFO Voice
I adored this book both as an educator and as a former child activist... I would highly recommend this book as part of a biographical collection or for an environmental issues unit.


The Green Earth Book Award - Young Adult Non-Fiction The Nature Generation | 2015 | Short-listed

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