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Fiction Ages 9-12
Pages: 144
Themes: teamwork, competition, bullying, relationships, social skills, costume, family, siblings, working together, strong female lead
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 28/Mar/2017
Fry Reading Level: 4.5
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Adina has always wanted to be a part of the annual fashion show at her school for the arts. Now that she's finally in the ninth grade, she and her friends can audition. She knows their act could be perfect. They've got great music, gorgeous costumes and wicked dance moves. But Willow is being her usual flaky self, and Sandra's getting touchy. Maybe even a bit mean. Luckily, Seth remains steady and reliable. Their biggest competition is the annoyingly perfect Prima Donnas, who are doing everything they can to undermine Adina and her friends.

Adina is used to working hard at everything she does, including her violin, art, drama and singing classes. But her friends are getting sick of her ordering them around. They just don't get what a huge deal this is. When one of the Prima Donnas gets injured during their audition, minutes after Sandra storms off in a huff, the two groups realize that in order to succeed, they may have to work together.

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"Many thoughtful themes emerge that will keep students talking: how words can hurt others, bullying, Hindi culture, body image, boys in the arts, co-operation that leads to real friendship. Younger teens interested in the arts will be satisfied by this short, easy to read novel and inspired by the collaboration of Adina and her friends."
Montreal Review of Books
"Rivera succeeds in creating real tensions between the youngsters—readers will wonder throughout whether they'll be able to pull it off—and their final act comes together with a surprising twist. Kudos to Rivera, whose dance routine details, in addition to the shimmery gold costumes, make the acts come alive."
CM Magazine
Show Mode…is a good read with strong and interesting characters who learn and grow from their mistakes. The quick moving plot keeps the story interesting and gives the reader a realistic glimpse into the world of performing. Recommended.

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Key Features:

Aimed at middle-school students with an interest in the performing arts.

Topics include music, dance, theater, the circus and magic.

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