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NF Picture Book
Pages: 0
Themes: poetry, movement, fun, rhyming, imagination
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Pub Date: 15/Mar/2014
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A “body-movement multisensory inventive language poem” intended for young children, Singily Skipping Along is playful and imaginative, asking the reader to pretend to be a tree, a whale, a spider, a cloud, and to find the many delightful ways they can move their bodies.

The text uses some predictable and cumulative patterns but also includes joyful surprise patterns—and a healthy dose of nonsense—to stimulate children’s imaginations. Deanne Fitzpatrick’s hooked-rug illustrations bring freedom and texture to the verse, and the result is a tactile and joyful classic Fitch book.

CM Magazine - February 7, 2014
"Nurtures creativity in young children through the use of imaginative prose...Fitzpatrick’s illustrations add richness and tactile depth to this pretend play...A tool for inspiring young imaginations."

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