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Fiction Ages 12+
Pages: 128
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: 01/Sep/2010
Fry Reading Level: 2.5
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When fifteen-year-old Abby is seriously injured, her wounds go far deeper than her broken back. Rehabilitation therapy teaches her to cope with her new physical reality but once she's home with her family, she refuses to participate in life and withdraws into a world of drugs.

Abby's family discovers her addiction, and she is sent to a farm that specializes in Equine Assisted Therapy. She must still do battle with her cravings, but when she witnesses the connection between another young patient and a pony, she decides that if this girl can heal, she too can learn to be present in life again.

CM Magazine
"An excellent addition to Orca's high interest, low vocabulary "Soundings" series...a realistic and thoroughly gripping read. Highly recommended."
Tucson Unified School District
"Highly recommended."
Tri State Young Adult Book Review Committee
"Strongly recommended for school libraries...The emotional yet believable plot is deftly told with honesty and freshness. The focus on what is possible may cause some students to review their choices and set a new focus."
Southwestern Ohio Young Adult Materials Review Group
"Succeeds with a strong plot and suitably empathetic characters to attract a teen audience...Contains a surprisingly realistic and positive message about dealing with life's challenges."
CBC Radio One - All Points West
"Surprisingly touching...captures something about the near-mystical quality of the connection between horses and people."


CCBC Best Books  | 2010 | Commended

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